Client: Plenaire

Outcome: Branded Stock Library
with 475 images

Duration: 40 days

Plenaire Branded Stock

The assignment

Plenaire is a skincare brand that seeks to promote emotional well-being and conscious consumption among young people. They needed images that they could use for marketing purposes on social media and their website.

After getting in touch with Cherrydeck, Plenaire started a Branded Stock project to source the visual content needed in a time and cost-effective manner. No production costs nor further budgeting inquired, just a simple process with impeccable results in a few weeks!

The process

To start, the brand submitted its branding and photography guidelines for the assignment. Then, Cherrydeck was in charge of finding the right photographers accordingly.

After a shortlisting from a pool of hundreds of talented applicants, two photographers were carefully selected for the remote assignment.

Consequently, Plenaire sent their skincare essentials to our photographers’ addresses, and they just had to wait for results!

The results

Shortly after, the brand received a library with more than 470 on-brand images featuring their own products and diverse models.

The very last step was for Plenaire to pick and purchase their favorite selection. Through Cherrydeck Branded Stock, the brand could select and pay only for the desired images!

Afterward, both selected and non-selected photographs remained stored in the brand’s private content marketplace where they can be accessed for further purchases.

You can already spot some of the pictures on Plenaire’s Instagram page!

Are you ready to create your brand’s custom stock photography library depicting your own products? Try Cherrydeck Branded Stock today.

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Photography by Ulrike Meutzner and Plousia Rompogiannaki.

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