The wait is finally over — The list of final candidates for the Polestar x Cherrydeck competition is out now!

We were elated to see so many great submissions from a great pool of talented creators — not only from Germany but also many other cities across the world. The competition, initially released by Polestar to be run in 4 different German cities, is now expanded to 5, due to the bewildering response and quality level of all the applicants.

15 photographers instead of 12 will now be able to put their hands on the steering wheel of the Polestar 1 and drive it for two days each. So make way for all the amazing photographs, content and social media coverage coming your way!

Shortlisted candidates (not ranked in any particular order):


Matthias Heidereich

Matthias is a freelance photographer from Berlin who has worked with a large variety of clients (businesses, agencies, galleries, magazines, newspapers) in the last 10 years.

Heiderich’s sweet-and-sour use of colour — which seems transported directly from the 80’s, has become his trademark. Never afraid to break his own codes, going with black and white, or creating beauty out of dull foggy atmospheres, Matthias doesn’t choose to play by the set rules of photography. Self-taught, he follows his natural instinct for composition and his incredible eye for creating beauty from simplicity.

Marcel Jedynak

The young 22-year-old Berlin-based photographer, Marcel always felt the need to document the world around him, either by drawing or photographing. As a student of architecture, he uses the principles he learnt to take incredible photographs of Berlin’s architecture and urban environment.

Always willing and open to discovering other forms of photography, Jedynak needs to feel and truly connect to the project.

Helin Bereket

Helin is a freelance photographer and content creator, originally from Istanbul and currently based in Berlin. After completing her Architecture Bachelor studies in her hometown, she moved to Berlin and started her Master’s at the Berlin Weissensee School of Art.

This opened her up to new dimensions between Architecture and Art, enabling Bereket to work in a more interdisciplinary way with media. She enjoys travelling and capturing new places and moments with her camera — always sharing them on Instagram.


Kevin Riedl

As a minimalist and architecture photographer based in Munich, Kevin strives to combine vibrant atmospheres and thrilling storytelling in his photography.

Co-founder and producer of Off films — a creative video production company — Kevin enjoys creating and developing all types of visual content.

Maksym Iurovnikov

An architecture, interior and landscape photographer, Maksym also runs a video production house. He enjoys creating photographs and short movies that tell a story and connect with the viewers emotionally.

Manuela Palmberger

A self-taught photographer from Munich, Manuela was born and raised around Garmisch, in Patenkirchen. Growing up in such a region, she has always been in love with outdoors and mountains — which is mirrored in her photography.

Palmberger enjoys photographing and showcasing others the beauty that surrounds us — sometimes far away, but mostly closer than we might think.


Nathan Ishar

Nathan is a portrait, fashion and events photographer who shuttles between Cologne, in Germany, and Antwerp, in Belgium. With a Bachelor in Visual Arts from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, until today he has worked for renown clients such as Mr. Porter, Ace & Tate, Huawei, Google, and Foundation Beyeler, to name a few.

Leo Thomas

Leo Thomas is a photographer based in Cologne, Germany. He saw Lennart as a source of inspiration. Shortly afterwards, he bought his first camera and started creating moody shots of his travels. He enjoys outdoor photography and strives for the best quality when it comes to visual content.

Matteo Sant’Unione

Matteo is a photographer and videographer from Cologne, whose work focuses mainly on people and lifestyle. His minimalistic approach, always results in beautiful and artistic images.


Erik Sky

Erik is a 21-year-old self-taught freelance photographer based in Cologne, Germany. Capturing the world with his camera has been one of his biggest passions since he turned 13.

Constantly creating, Erik’s photographs have evolved and developed into a personal and unique style of imagery. Nowadays, he focuses mainly on landscape, urban and portrait photography and has already worked with many international brands.

Thomas Wiuf

Thomas is a German–Danish photographer based in Cologne, Germany. His work not only reflects his love for photography, but an impressively composed minimalist style and attention to detail. The perfection in his imagery and the eye for the unusual definitely make his work stand out.

Kevin Krautgartner

Award-winning fine art, architecture and landscape photographer, Kevin Krautgartner was born and raised in Germany and currently lives and works in Wuppertal. Having studied Design and Digital Photography, these are both the basis of his work today, mirrored in clean and very precise images.

Kevin uses both helicopters and light planes to capture his visions from above. He has travelled extensively around the world to photograph art from some of the most extraordinary places. His work can be found both in national as well as international exhibitions, magazines and publications.


Fabian Huebner

An adventure and lifestyle photographer, Fabian was raised in the fairytale region of Germany also known as the Black Forest. He currently lives and works in Hamburg.

Tobi Carl

Tobi Carl is a multi-faceted photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. He enjoys capturing architecture, events and also works with corporate portraiture.

Roman Raetzke

Roman Rätzke is a Hamburg-based automotive photographer. Born in 1985 and raised in the northern part of the country, he started a training as audio-visual media designer at the North German radio station NDR.

After finishing his training, he decided to turn his passion into profession. Since 2004, the frequent traveller and autodidact ties his unbowed enthusiasm for cars together with his dream job, photography for clients around the globe.

We would like to thank every photographer who participated in the Polestar x Cherrydeck Photo and Driving Competition. It was incredibly inspiring to see all the submissions and amazing work.

As we move on to the next stage of the contest, we wish all the shortlisted candidates the very best!

If you would like to see more about the Polestar Competition, do it here. For more Success Stories of Cherrydeck members, have a look at our Blog section, here. ?

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