Regardless if you’re a business looking to get your new project photographed or you’re looking to capture your private space, working with a top architectural photographer will make all the difference.

An architectural photographer professionally photographs buildings and similar structures. Usually working on a commission basis these photographs capture architecture agencies and hotels, amongst others.

The images architectural photographers capture are mostly used for commercial purposes. They can be seen online, in brochures, or in the agencies’ portfolios. While any photographer has the ability to capture a building, an architecture expert can provide a high-quality outcome. Architectural photographers have experience in creating intrepid images through recognizing the architect’s work.

To find skilled photographers, you can use platforms like Cherrydeck. Today, we showcase some of our best professional architectural photographers in New York, from our extensive database.

Raquel Langworthy

Architecture and Interior photographer, Raquel is currently based in New York, NY, USA. She has worked as an art director for brands such as Amazon Kindle, CNN, and Kotex, amongst others. In 2011, Raquel decided to shift gears and follow her dreams of becoming a professional photographer. As a result, she has worked with commercial brands, such as Discovery Channel, and has had her work published in Architectural Digest and Rue.

Kyle Caldwell

Focusing his photography around architecture and interiors, Kyle enjoys creating lifestyle and editorial content for his clients. With his keen eye for lighting and composition, Kyle’s goal is to produce media that is innovative and captivating.

Bradd Celidonia

Bradd is an Architecture & Interior and Events photographer currently based in New York, NY, USA. He has been working in real estate, and with architects, builders, and interior design clients for nearly 20 years.

Andres Orozco

Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Andres is a fine art architectural photographer. After earning his degree in Advertising from Jorge Tageo Lozano University, he worked as an art director at Leo Burnett for five years. His work explores the means by which geometry, color, and composition enhance the relationship between urban spaces and people.

Anthony Crisafulli

Architecture and Interior photographer, Anthony is inspired by traveling and experiencing new planes. His love for the outdoors and the sea has influenced the way in which he interacts with the surroundings that he captures.

Find the best architectural photographers in New York with Cherrydeck

Here were some of our top architectural photographers in New York. You can find a broader selection of architecture and interior photographers based in New York on the Cherrydeck search.

To find an architectural photographer in New York:

Step 1: Select the ‘Search’ button on the top left corner of the Cherrydeck homepage

Step 2: Enter ‘New York’ as your desired location

Step 3: Select ‘New York, NY, USA’ from the dropdown menu that pops-up

Step 4: Choose ‘Architecture & Interior’ as the photography category

Step 5: And if desired, customise your search even further including:

  • number of followers
  • photographer experience
  • access to a studio
  • post-production services
  • videography services
top architectural photographers new york

Step 6: Once you are all set, click the ‘Show Results’ button.

Following all the steps, you’ll be presented a list of matching architecture photographer profiles from our pre-selected database, along with samples of their work.

If you like a specific professional and want to explore their work, hit their ‘Profile’ button.

The action will open their full profile view where you can see more of their architectural portfolio, learn more about them, and contact them through Cherrydeck for an assignment.

top architectural photographers new york

Start your search for a architecural photographer in New York, here. Don’t forget to read our tips on how to find the best photographer. ?

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