Milan is known as one of the most iconic fashion capitals. Alongside Paris, New York, and London, the city is home to the most substantial fashion weeks and an important hub for fashion photographers.

Whether you’re a fashion brand, run a magazine, or are looking for someone to shoot your street style, knowing a professional fashion photographer in Milan can be handy.

Cherrydeck has a growing database of professional fashion photographers in Milan, so we’ve put together a collection of six of our most talented members. Have a look!

Anastasiya Goncharova

Anastasiya is a fashion and beauty photographer currently based in Milan, Italy. She can be regularly found taking photographs of stars and fashion celebrities both at the Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks.

Errico Fabio Russo

Errico is a Milan-based fashion and beauty photographer. Also combining his passion with music and graphic design, he often works for big clients, but also private customers or at events.

Luigi Boatto

Milan-based fashion photographer Luigi has a characteristic and out-of-the-box artistic style. His portfolio includes fine arts and beauty works as well.

Eduard Mariut

Born in Bacau, Romania, Eduard is now based in Milan, Italy. The fashion photographer first picked up a camera at the early age of fourteen. He attended the Bucharest University of Arts and started his career in the press. Nowadays, his work can be found in international publications and he has been fortunate to work with great clients globally.

Mauro Matalone

Mauro is an Italian-born fashion and portrait photographer based in Milan and working internationally. He has been featured in publications and worked for clients such as Schön! Magazine, Vogue Italia, Èllements Magazine, Men’s Health South Africa, and more.

Simone La Torretta

Simone is a freelance beauty and fashion photographer working in Milan, Italy. His work can be both sleek and modern as well as sensual and provocative.

Find the best fashion photographers in Milan with Cherrydeck

Now that we’ve just introduced you to some of our most fashion photographers in Milan, we would like to invite you to explore our full database.

To find a freelance fashion photographer in Milan:

Step 1: Select the ‘Search’ button on the top left of the home page of Cherrydeck

Step 2: Enter ‘Milan’ in the location field

Step 3: Choose ‘Milan, Italy’ from the dropdown selection that appears

Step 4: Select ‘Fashion & Beauty’ as your category option

Step 5: Further customize your search, including:

  • number of followers
  • experience level
  • access to a studio
  • post-production services
  • videography services

Step 6: Once you are done setting your filters, hit the ‘Show Results’ button.

You’ll be shown a list of fashion photographers from our database that match your requirements, along with samples of their work.

If you wish to find out more about a fashion photographer, simply click on their ‘Profile’ button.

In their full profile, you can view more of their fashion portfolio, learn more about them, or even contact them through a direct message on Cherrydeck.

Find a Milan fashion photographer now or check our past webinar with the fashion photographer, Anastasiya Goncharova.

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