The fine art genre of still life photography requires photographers to take many aspects into account in order to capture the perfect, minimalist image. Take a look at these still life photographers you should know.

Still life photography is a type of fine art photography in which the photographers focus more on creating an image rather than capturing the moment.

The genre of photography is used to depict inanimate objects, often times resulting in various subjects clustered together in minimalistic ways. Common objects that are used in still life photography include vases, plants, fruits, clothing, and shells — amongst others.

As a still life photographer you have complete freedom in arranging the subjects used as you see fit. It is, in fact, important to understand that much emphasis and attention to detail should be placed towards the arrangement of the objects, the lighting and the perspectives. These categories can truly make or break your image, and have an impact on the minimalism you are portraying.

At Cherrydeck we have an immense database of international professional still life photographers. To provide you with a glimpse, we’ve put together a collection of five of our most outstanding still life photographers — Enjoy!

Charlie Goodge

London-based photographer, Charlie specialises in still life and interior photography. Her degree in commercial photography and her five years of experience in the industry, have established her keen understanding of light and the production behind beautiful and compelling photography. Charlie is passionate about exploring how light has an impact on the enhancement of an image. See her portfolio here.

Julia Petroff

Julia is a still life photographer based in Paris, who focuses her work around Food & Still Life and Fine Arts photography. See her portfolio here.

Malte Seidel

Malte Seidel is a professional freelance photographer based in Berlin. In 2013, he successfully graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from the Weißensee Academy of Art, Berlin, and has learned a lot it terms of studio-lightning, picture processing and, editing. See his portfolio here.

Adriana Castello

Adriana is a Food & Still Life and Fashion & Beauty based in Munich who likes to work with colours and simplicity. See her portfolio here.

Ada Gruszka

Ada Gruszka is a professional still life photographer who brings 10 years of experience to the table, and loves to play around with colours and shapes. See her portfolio here.

Miriam Martín Price

Based in Madrid, Miriam is an art director & photographer who has been working worldwide. See her portfolio here.

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