If you sell underwear on an eCommerce store, you know that the online market competition for this category can be fierce.

One way to get an edge over your competitors is to ensure that your underwear range is presented as professionally as possible. How? By having an experienced product photographer handle the underwear photography for your e-commerce website.

Product shots and lifestyle images

There are unique challenges that come with underwear product photography. 

It’s uncommon for men to try underwear on before purchase, and underwear comes in standard sizes. Thus, you can get away with basic product shots for most men’s underwear.

However, when it comes to women’s underwear you’re going to need a model. This will assist with showcasing what your underwear looks like when worn.

This means you need a photographer who not only knows how to capture excellent product images, but also has the resources and skills to take lifestyle images of models wearing your underwear.

Consistency communicates professionalism

It can be tempting to attempt to cut down on costs and take your own underwear product photographs for your e-commerce website.

However, this can easily result in inconsistencies between product images. You do not want to end up making your website look like a jumbled underwear drawer.

A product photographer can help you get consistent results. Using proper depth of field, angles, lighting and coherent backgrounds for each shot communicates a clean, professional look and feel.

Find a pro at Cherrydeck

Cherrydeck is a large online community of professional photographers designed to help business owners find and recruit photographers for their projects.

The website makes it easy to filter photographer profiles to meet your specific requirements, view their portfolios, and contact the best talent in your area.

Cherrydeck also offers the Cherrydeck Branded Stock™ service. 

All you have to do is send us your underwear products, and we’ll have them professionally photographed. Within 3 weeks you will get a compiled stock library with hundreds of on-brand images.

Best of all, you’ll only pay for the images you use. Explore our success stories!

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