The United Nations is calling for creatives to provide works related to public health and help flattening the curve. See how you can participate!

[UPDATE: The submission process is now over and the selected works can be found here.]

The United Nations (UN) has launched a campaign targeting creatives where it asks for informative works that help spreading relevant information about the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Global Call Out To Creatives is an open brief that asks for visual content explaining accurately how to slow the virus from spreading and what steps people can follow.

The United Nations secretary-general António Guterres mentions that this unprecedented situation asks for response tools out of the ordinary and in a magnitude that matches the scale of the crisis. In such a context, the resources used to get to the masses need to be creative.

Therefore, content creators everywhere in the globe are challenged to interpret the information provided by the UN and World Health Organisation in a fun and engaging way. The most suitable works will then be shortlisted and presented on a microsite.

The goal is to disseminate crucial public health messages through creativity and reach an audience as wide as possible across multiple platforms, in a way that it’s effective, accessible and shareable.

Many artists are already getting creative to support the fight against the Covid-19 outbreak. If you want to join the cause, have a look at the guidelines and how to participate, here.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, we’ve mentioned a series of brands with great communication concepts in the context of the current crisis in this blog post.

If you’re instead looking for more creative competitions you can apply to, there are two open calls at Cherrydeck and a couple of more submission possibilities, here.

Stay healthy! ?

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