Valentine’s Day can be celebrated in many ways. To highlight it, we asked our creatives ‘What is Love’ and today, we showcase their heart-warming work.

It’s that time of the year again to show ourselves, our friends, or significant others a little more love than usual. However we may – or may not – celebrate Valentine’s Day, what matters is for this day to be filled with extra smiles and love.

To recognize the great talent within the Cherrydeck community and enjoy this special day around the world, we decided to ask our creatives ‘What is Love?’

They showed us through pictures what love means to them and we are now happy to share these special submissions with you.

Valentine's day
Mr Twodeers | Paris, France

The path

During this special date, we remember when we first asked the question “Can you be my Valentine?”, or when we fell in love as kids and hoped we could grow old together…

“In love there are two things: bodies and words.” I met this two little children at the wedding of my brother, they completely fell in love each other.

Epic Shooting
Valentine's day
Epic Shooting | Tours, France
Anya Kholina | Moscow, Russia

To be in love is like wearing one sweater together.

Anya Kholina

I’d like to think that this is love: no matter how much time has passed, you still want to take endless strolls around the city with that one person.

Elisa Donati
Valentine's day
Elisa Donati | Rome, Italy

Everyday Valentine

Love is about that person who you can play and go skinny dipping with, laugh endlessly… But most importantly, someone who you can be yourself with.

I looked down the cliff on a lonely beach and saw this couple. They were playing with the waves, laughing and loving. And at that very moment I knew that if you follow your wild heart you are always on the right track.

Tatjana Mair
Tatjana Mair | Vienna, Austria
Lucia Ferreti | Locarno, Switzerland

Love is trusting your partner, trusting yourself. Being on your own path but sharing your journey with someone at your side.

Lucia Ferreti

Moments of Love.

Edoardo Herroz
Edoardo Herroz | Prague, Czech Republich


For some, it’s all about the touch. How the body tells more than a thousand words – and explains why holding hands becomes something so meaningful.

Love is when you’ve been together more than 50 years in good and bad but love each other like on your wedding day.

Iryna Mandryka
Valentine's day
Iryna Mandryka | Poznan, Poland
Valentine's day
Alessia Marziali | Milano, Italy
Sophia Lasson | Munich, Germany

The deep connection and feeling truly yourself being naked with your partner. Being one. Being.

Sophia Lasson

Just love

What we know here at Cherrydeck is that love is love no matter what, and we are happy that our creatives are not afraid to show it!

Love has no gender, love is just love.

Garance Reix
Valentine's day
Garance Reix | Biarritz, France
Love is love
Sandra Ramos Casasampera | Barcelona, Spain

They are a couple who have been together for over fifteen years. To me they are an example of unconditional love.

Sandra Ramos Casasampera

Love is unconditional and does not care about gender or body issues.

Yvonne Sophie Thöne

Yvonne Sophie Thöne | Kassel, Germany

The travels

And wherever that ‘I love you’ may be said… in a hike to the forest, laying in bed as it rains outside, sitting by a gorgeous beach, bearing the winter cold, or enjoying a beautiful sunset – location doesn’t matter, but the person does.

Love is living the most beautiful memories of our lives with a partner. And those moments would always seem brighter, more magical and whole, even close to a fairytale like feeling because they are shared memories filled with love.

Evgeniya Savina
Valentine's day
Evgeniya Savina | Hamburg, Germany
Valentine's day by the beach
Natali Voitkevich | Valencia, Spain
Valentine's day winter
Waltteri Kanerva | Espoo, Finland

It was Christmas night, pitch black, the snow was creaking under the shoes and the air was -30 degrees. I still felt warmth and peace

Waltteri Kanerva

Your own Valentine’s

But let’s not forget that our gals and ourselves make a great Valentine too. Drinking wine for gal-entine’s, treating ourselves to a spa day, hanging out with our dogs all day, going for a picnic with our friends… these are all valid ways of spending Valentine’s day.

My friends love each other! It’s not erotic as many will think, they just love each other! Love is not about erotic relationships, it’s about the people you can rely on!

Spyridon Kontaxakis
Galentine's day
Spyridon Kontaxakis | Thessaloniki, Greece
Galentine's day
Cristina Gomez | Malaga, Spain
Valentine's Day with dog
Ariel Pedatzur | Vienna, Austria

The love between a person and an animal.

Ariel Pedatzur

Even during these pandemic times, there are multiple ways to show some love, and multiple opportunities to see it on strangers.

Love in times of Covid-19. You see the love between the most vulnerable people during the pandemic showing their love.

Stijn Vanholle
Valentine's day - pandemic
Stijn Vanholle | Keerbergen, Belgium

We hope these pictures warmed your heart as much as they did ours. The Cherrydeck Team wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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