Last year, Veganuary saw half a million pledges to go vegan for the month – inducing the introduction of more than 800 new vegan products and menus around the world. Big and small companies continue to hop on the vegan wagon every start of the year.

Veganuary takes over the consumer world every year since 2014, and its mission remains the same: inspire and support people to try veganism while driving corporate change.

Indeed, this mass movement has seemed fruitful with more and more brands pumping up their plant-based offerings this time of the year. Some even keep vegan food as part of their menus and product range for the long run – appealing to a broader audience of food enthusiasts.

By the end of January 2021, the hashtag #Veganuary received over 170 million views on Tiktok, not to mention their million mentions on Twitter and the rising popularity of the hashtag on Instagram as well. Clearly, offering vegan options may just be the right opportunity to put your brand out there and give it some spotlight on the web and social media.

Here are some brands participating in Veganuary this year!


The growing demand for plant-based cheese alternatives has made the popular brand launch its first vegan offering: cheese spread made from almonds and oats.

vegan philadelphia

The dessert brand has launched two new flavors of vegan pudding: chocolate mousse layered with ganache and dark chocolate mousse with salted caramel. Sounds decadent – if you ask us.

gü vegan

Beyond Meat

The innovative brand recently announced the US debut of their Beyond Fried Chicken to kickstart 2022. This marked the largest plant-based chicken launch ever considering it involved chain giant KFC.

beyond meat fried chicken
@beyondmeat on Instagram

Starbucks UK

The well-known chain started 2022 by launching their limited tu-NAH sandwich – powered by vegan tuna fish from The Vegetarian Butcher. Moreover, they ditched their upcharge for plant-based milk. Hopefully, an initiative to expand around the world.

Ritter Sport

The square chocolate bars have added a brand new vegan option to their portfolio for Veganuary: “Vegan Smooth & Creamy Without Moo.¨ The name says it all.


The brand is set to launch a new range of plant-based drinks that bridge the gap with dairy milk. The company seeks to imitate the taste and texture of dairy milk by using fermentation.

Crafty Counter

The first whole food plant-based hard-boiled eggs are set to launch this year in the US. They are made from nuts, and apparently offer similar nutrition and taste like chicken eggs!


Another year for the supermarket giant making Veganuary simple and affordable. Aldi Germany introduced a variety of new vegan products to their stores sold at sample prices. Aldi UK offered Swap & Save initiatives for vegan products and new additions to their Plant Menu range.

These are only some examples that illustrate the impact Veganuary is having on brands! Are you taking part in Veganuary?

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