Regardless of the products you are selling, the business you need to promote, or the editorials you need to get shot, working with a professional photographer is crucial for your marketing success.

In order to get high-quality results, you might want to look for advertising or lifestyle professional photographers. They will be experts in capturing images that sell and highlight the quality of your product or service.

Whether you need photos for a magazine, a billboard, online advertising, or a catalog, at Cherrydeck you can find an extensive database of advertising and lifestyle photographers.

View below a collection of six of our most outstanding members in London, UK.

Matt Ben Stone

Matt is an internationally published location photographer with a studio in central London. He was a “Creative Review Photography Annual 2018” winner and was shortlisted for “The British Photography Awards 2018”.

Arran Cross

Arran is a professional advertising and lifestyle photographer often based in London, UK. Internationally published, he works with premium lifestyle and interior brands. Cross is part of Department Two, an independent creative studio.

Giorgio Murru

Giorgio is an Italian-born photographer and is now based in London, UK. He likes to describe himself as an advertising lifestyle photographer and failed guitar player. Murru was published in a wide range of magazines such as Elle, L’Officiel, InStyle, Marie Claire, and more.

Maja Jankowska

Maja Jankowska is a conceptual, advertising, and lifestyle photographer currently based in London, UK.

Thomas Rohde

Spellbound by image-making from an early age, Danish photographer and director Thomas Rohde has developed his signature graphic style since 2008. Based in the UK, Thomas is especially interested in capturing split-second movement and uses sound and motion triggers together with high-speed lighting to produce energetic and playful imagery. His focus is on drinks, food items, cosmetics, and luxury accessories.

Kathrin Werner

Kathrin is an advertising and lifestyle freelance photographer based in London. She specializes in beauty and product photography, which had her internationally published in print and online. Kathrin can be often found in her studio in Kentish Town.

Find the best advertising, advertising, and lifestyle photographers in London with Cherrydeck

Now that you’ve got to know some of our favorite advertising and lifestyle photographers in London, we invite you to explore our full database of professional photographers in this location.

To find a freelance advertising or lifestyle photographer in London:

Step 1: Select the ‘Search’ button on the top left of the home page of Cherrydeck

Step 2: Enter ‘London’ in the location field

Step 3: Choose ‘London, UK’ from the dropdown selection that appears

Step 4: Select ‘Conceptual & Advertising’ as your category option

Step 5: Further customize your search, including:

  • number of followers
  • experience level
  • access to a studio
  • post-production services
  • videography services

Step 6: Once you are done setting your filters, hit the ‘Show Results’ button.

Afterward, you’ll be presented with a set of matching advertising photography profiles from our database, along with their portfolios.

To gather more information about a certain professional, you can simply click on their ‘Profile’ button.

The action will open their full profile where you can view more of their photography work and contact them through our platform.

Find a London advertising and lifestyle photographer now.

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