After applying to one of Cherrydeck‘s opportunities, Yulia Skogoreva was selected to shoot a fashion campaign in Japan for the brand JIMBAG. The result of their cosmopolitan collaboration is now live!

This summer, the Tokyo-based photographer Yulia Skogoreva was contacted by JIMBAG, an accessory brand from the UK, for a content shooting in the vibrant streets of the Japanese capital.

The brand — which had previously required Cherrydeck a shortlist of photographers for the job, chose Yulia among the candidates to shoot its different backpacks in Tokyo’s cosmopolitan and urban environment.

For the assignment, the photographer was also required to find a model to collaborate with and to edit the still images.

It was very positive experience. I hope Cherrydeck will expand in Japan and provide more assignments like this.


Anthony, the director of JIMBAG was also very happy with the results of the collaboration:

The company was amazing. On short notice we decided to arrange a shoot during a business trip to Japan — Cherrydeck managed to find me a number of options in photographers, models, stylists etc. to allow this to happen. We managed to arrange the shoot and we were extremely happy with the staff provided. The quality of images produced was 5 stars!

Anthony Bingham
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Yulia Skogoreva is a photographer from Russia and now based in Tokyo since the past ten years. Her inspiration comes both from dance and modern architecture, topics she combines through her photography by shooting people dancing in urban environments.

To see more of Yulia’s outstanding work, check her Cherrydeck profile, or her website and Instagram, here. For more of Cherrydeck members’ success stories, keep an eye on our blog.

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