Thomas Wiuf was one of five photographers winning the Polestar x Cherrydeck competition in 2019. Today, we have a chat about his experience driving the Polestar 1 in Düsseldorf.

There are only a few days left for photographers to apply to this year’s Polestar x Cherrydeck photography competition. This time, creatives can submit their portfolio to win a chance of driving and shooting the Polestar 2 in a unique roadtrip.

In this interview, we had a chat with Thomas Wiuf, one of the winners of the competition’s last edition, to hear more about his experience, driving Polestar in Düsseldorf, and his recomendations to this year’s applicants.

Thomas Wiuf | Photograph by Anna Margret
Thomas, we are delighted to speak to you today. To begin with, could you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m an Art Director and Photographer from Cologne, Germany. My main focus is on products, objects and interiors or in short still life.

What lead you to start with photography? And still life specifically?

During my studies in graphic design, I bought a camera, so I didn’t always have to search the web for images. Slowly, I became more and more enthusiastic about photography.

After finishing my bachelor’s degree in visual communication, I didn’t dare to jump straight into photography. I started to work as an art director in various design agencies in Cologne. Then, with some years of experience in that field, I became a freelance art director and photographer, helping both small and larger companies building their visual language for their brand communication. This was about six years ago now.

You were one of the five winners of the Polestar competition in 2019. How was it to drive the Polestar 1 in Düsseldorf?

It was unique, great fun, and the 3 days were gone as in the blink of an eye.

How would you describe the car? How was it to photograph it?

Silent while driving electrically in the city, and on the highway it turned out to be a beast. It was great fun to drive it, any time again please.

There were so many details to find in the design of the car. It also played a large role in my concept and planning. Still, I found so many more while shooting.

Did you have a favorite feature?

I don’t have something special in mind. I was a fan from the car as a whole from the really beginning.

From all the photographs you took of the Polestar 1, is there a favorite?

Uh, these three would be it.

Any advice you would give to photographers who want to take part in the Polestar x Cherrydeck Journey with the Polestar 2?

Enjoy the journey and have fun.
Check the locations beforehand and get the permission to shoot if needed.
Don’t forget that you might want to clean the car here and there.

We would like to thank Thomas for his words and talent. To see more of Thomas’ work, visit his Cherrydeck profile or his website, here. To participate in this year’s driving and photography experience, visit this article.

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