CherrydeckBen Reeves – Food & Still Life Photographer

Ben Reeves

London, UK

Food & Still Life | Conceptual & Advertising

Ben Reeves Photo is a still life photographer based in London. He embarked on his career in photography through assisting a selection of internationally renowned fashion and still life photographers. This experience was invaluable and equipped Ben with strong skillset for his solo venture. An underlying theme in his work is his focus on different ways of communicating ideas that questions what is within our visual realm and what goes beyond, to the ethereal. Ben set out to re-create environments by turning nature and elements on its head in the studio. He has a keen interest in de-constructing‘the still life’as we know it; when given the chance to look more closely into the surreal details of organic forms, we may find that it is not always clear what is natural. Ben’s work has a whimsical, sometimes almost mythic quality that plays on the boundaries of tradition, and the constructed contemporary still life image. More recently he has begun to challenge these ideas in the video form. Ben takes great pride in his work and this shows through his relationships with renowned brands and up-and-coming clients: Adidas, Lanserring, Gagganau, Peroni, Canon, British Airways, BBC, Manderin Oriental Hotel Group, Bent Lindex, Peter’s Yard, Autograph ABP, Schon!, Glamour UK, Esquire UK, Stella Magazine. Ben is available for commission and assignment.