Lyan van Furth is passionate about cooking and food photography, making him the perfect candidate to capture the Italian fine dining restaurant, Cucina Casalinga, in Amsterdam. The project entailed producing images for all of the restaurants’ social networks.

Lyan was working in his own media agency for 16 years, orienting himself around design, concepts and providing animations for several big companies. However, he found himself at a crossroads in which he felt the need to change his life and go back to his initial roots – working for fun, whilst still making money. 2009 marked the era of this change, as he sold his agency and began his photography business, focusing greatly on food photography.

Beginning this new photography chapter, Lyan knew that he had a lot to learn and wanted to ensure that he could set himself apart with his own style and creativity. Describing himself as a bit of a nerd when it comes to learning new technics, Lyan quickly developed his own style, specifically with the adaption of light whilst shooting – this is perfectly reflected in his food photography.

In 2019, just ten years after embarking on his new journey, Lyan’s dedication paid off through being awarded with the Foodelia, and becoming the world’s number 1 food photographer.

I have a positive mindset and love to cook myself. I learned to love critics to challenge myself in getting better and better. That process of learning should never stop.

Lyan van Furth

Lyan’s first food photography shoot was with Chef and friend, Dennis Huwaë of restaurant Daalder in Amsterdam. He credits Dennis as the reasoning behind his growth, through giving him constant feedback and providing him with an opportunity in which Lyan could prove himself.

The Amsterdam-based restaurant, Cucina Casalinga, required Lyan to produce photos for all of their social networks. The goal of the photos was to present the food, as well as the overall atmosphere in the restaurant. Lyan successfully fulfilled the goal by providing the restaurant with 40 images that they could work with.

The job spanned over 5 hours and the overall experience was extremely good, with the restaurant employees working with passion towards their product. Lyan credits the application process of finding a job through Cherrydeck as being very helpful, with no hassle involved. Lyan received the job in collaboration with Eleven Percent Agency.

food photography
food photography

The moments captured by the Amsterdam-based photographer perfectly reflect his passion towards food and photography. With his goal being to translate the creations of the chef, Falduto Lorenzo, through his imagery, the final works perfectly reflect this.

To see more of Lyan’s work visit his Cherrydeck profile or his Instagram account. To read more success stories, have a look at Zhenya’s Story shooting for MHplus or Leo’s Story photographing for Wonda Swim.

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