Client: Cucina Casalinga

Project: Produce images for the restaurants social networks.

Work with: Lyan van Furth

The assignment

The Italian fine dining restaurant, Cucina Casalinga was looking for a photographer to produce images for all of their social networks.

The goal of the photos was to present the food, as well as the overall atmosphere in the restaurant.

The process

To find the best photographer to fulfill the aim of the job, Eleven Percent Agency opened a job opportunity on Cherrydeck on behalf of Cucina Casalinga. With this, they were able to define their requirements clarify the job and its requirements.

Lyan van Furth was the photographer chosen for the job.

The production

Lyan successfully fulfilled the goal by providing the restaurant with 40 images that they could work with.

The job spanned over 5 hours and the overall experience was extremely good, with the restaurant employees working with passion towards their product.


Lyan credits the application process of finding a job through Cherrydeck as being very helpful, with no hassle involved. Lyan received the job in collaboration with Eleven Percent Agency.

All-in-all Lyan describes the experience as being extremely positive. He credits the atmosphere in the restaurant as being extremely professional.

We clicked right away and we had fun while working. This is how I always work. Fun and professionalism combined.

Lyan van Furth
food photography
food photography

The moments captured by the Amsterdam-based photographer perfectly reflect his passion for food and photography. With his goal being to translate the creations of the chef, Falduto Lorenzo, through his imagery, the final works perfectly reflect this.

To see more of Lyan’s work visit his Cherrydeck profile or his Instagram account. To read more success stories, have a look at Zhenya’s Story shooting for MHplus or Leo’s Story photographing for Wonda Swim.

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