As Cherrydeck focuses greatly on creating a community for photographers, we thought it would be interesting to investigate the question “what do people think about photographers?” — Take a look at the findings, as provided by Neuroflash, for the US region.

So, let’s get to it, what do people in the US think about photographers?

In the US, the word ‘photographer’ tallies up to ca. 14.5 times every 100,000 words.

When analysing the mood and emotions which surround the word, a slightly positive mood is detected with a rate of 33%. This goes to show that the concept surrounding ‘photographer’ is generally perceived as positive and happy by the US population.

When glancing at the excitement rate in terms of strong emotions, 14% express a slightly emotional connotation — this being however, increased anxiety.

Lastly, glancing at the emotional appeal, it can be seen that 15% of the US population thinks that the word carries dominance.

Venn Diagram: Emotional Dimension

what do people in the US think about photographers
Venn Diagram provided by Neuroflash

The Venn Diagram, above, reflects more in-depth insights as to which emotions are associated with photographers. The three dimensions which are discussed include: powerful, emotional, and happy.

The objective of the Venn Diagram is to present the correlation of the three varying emotions, and how they influence each other.

The words which express all emotions strongly include: memorable, entertainer, adventurer, lover, and talented. Based on these five words, four – memorable, entertainer, adventurer and talented – touch on the scope of a photographers work. However, this shows that the work of a photographer can be greatly divided depending on what genre they focus the most on.

Flower Graph: The Associations and Emotions

what do people in the US think about photographers

The flower graph, above, evaluates word-relationships by first centering the seed-word, ‘photographer’. Words that appear closer to the middle, present a stronger relation to the seed-word. Thus, they fulfil the goal score presented in the bottom right of the graph.

The goal of this flower graph is to connect common words to the seed-word.

Breaking it down, you need to keep in mind that the colours used in the graph indicate mood. Green reflections are happiness, whilst red present a sad mood, and white neutral. The size of the associated words reflects the commonness of the word through the US.

As the graph presents, there is a drastic divide in terms of what is associated with the key word. However, the associations all remain pretty basic.

Lets understand, what does this information show us?

To distribute effective marketing communication in the US, the view points surrounding a photographer must be displayed with common words. This allows everyone to understand the message that is being communicated in a simple way. Common words to keep in mind to simplify understanding are: professional, talented, and photography.

The key benefit of using common words is that you are assured that everyone will understand what you are communicating,

So, what can we conclude? What do people in the US really think about photographers?

The overall tone which surrounds the people in the US and their opinion towards photographers is average.

The overlapping of all three emotions in the words presented in the Venn diagram and the word associations from the flower graph shows that people in the US don’t really know what to make of a photographers word. The reason being, that some of the words associated with a photographer are fairly vague and open.

However, positivity also relates with a photographer through the moments they capture. This is greatly seen with the emotions depicted in the Venn diagram.

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