A marketing manager is someone who is in charge of the promotional and market research activities of a company. Marketing managers have several responsibilities concerning the product and/or service, but what is the understanding people have about it? “What do people think about marketing managers?”

Take a look at the findings, as provided by Neuroflash, based on the US population.

Let’s get to it – what do consumers in the US think about Marketing Managers?

The occurrence rate of the word ‘marketing manager’ ranks at 31.6 times every 100,000 words. The average mood surrounding the term is neither positive nor negative. And in general, the population in the US has a neutral opinion towards marketing managers.

When analysing the response of the US population in terms of what emotions they associate with the term ‘marketing manager’, it is seen that a calming scope surrounds the word – reducing anxiety. The term is also perceived nor gentle or dominant.

Venn Diagram: Emotional Dimensions

A career as a marketing manager, involves both creativity and responsibility, but what do people in the US think of marketing managers?
Venn Diagram provided by Neuroflash

The Venn Diagram, above, collects insights into the emotional dimensions presented by a marketing manager. The three dimensions which are taken into account include: powerful, emotional, and happy.

The diagram aims at presenting which associations can express different emotions at the same time. The words which express all emotions strongly include: head coach and turner. Whilst the other word associations target the idea of a marketing manager, not all do so to a great extent. The result indicates that people in the US grasp an understanding, but there is still room to grow this knowledge.

Flower Graph: The Associations and Emotions

Flower graph provided by Neuroflash

The flower graph depicted above, begins its observation by placing the seed-word, ‘marketing manager’, in the centre. Words that are closer to the middle, present a stronger relation to the word ‘marketing manager’. Thus, they fulfil the goal score as presented in the bottom right of the graph. In this case, the goal is to connect common words to the seed-word.

Keep in mind that the colours used in the flower graph indicate mood. Green reflections indicate happiness, whilst red presents a sad mood, and white is neutral. The size of the associated words reflects the commonness of the word through the US.

But wait, what does this information show us?

To adopt an effective communication strategy in the US, the ideas surrounding marketing managers must be shared through common words. Through this, the message is communicated in a way in which everyone can relate to. An example of great words to apply are manager, director, and executive, due to their common usage and defined understanding. COO and strategist are words to steer clear of, as they are not generally known by everyone.

Remember, that whilst uncommon words are good for capturing attention, more common words – that people also understand – can help communicate the message in a more understandable formatting.

So, what can we conclude? What do people in the US really think about marketing managers?

The overall tone which surrounds the people in the US and their opinion towards marketing managers is neutral and calming. This can be seen through the reduced anxiety levels the word results.

Additionally, it can also be seen through the overlapping of all three emotions in the words presented in the Venn Diagram that the word could still be better understood. The reason being, that some of the words touch upon the scope of a marketing manager, however in a torn way. This clear divide shows that whilst some of the population understands the job’s outline, others do not.

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