In today’s Portfolio Highlights we present eight talented members from our community and showcase snippets of their portfolios. Take a look at their works!

With the Portfolio Highlights series, the Editorial Team aims at featuring creative images and snapshots of fascinating portfolios from various Cherrydeck members.

This time, eight Cherrydeck members were chosen to have part of their portfolios featured and spread throughout our creative community. From portraits, to architecture, to unique simplicity, these portfolios show it all. Enjoy!

November 2020 Portfolio Highlights (not ranked in any particular order):

Mafe Espitia

Mafe is a fashion, beauty, and advertising photographer based in Barcelona. Working as a freelancer, Mafe specialises her work around portraits and presenting feminine beauty in a unique, yet powerful manner. She has worked with brands such as P magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, and Valmizar.

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Sophie Vinnichenko

Ukraine-based photographer Sophie focuses on documentary and lifestyle photography. Working in the field since the past two years, Sophie sees the medium as something that allows her creativity to run freely. Studying to become a linguist, her photographs reflect powerful expressions and have a way of speaking for themselves.

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Felix Speller

“Interior, installation, and environmental portrait photography with an eye for space, balance and light”, is how Felix best describes what he does. Based in South East London, the photographer enjoys working internationally and creating exciting concepts.

Born to a furniture and surface design mother and a photographer father, Felix credits his inspirational and unique childhood as the source of his profession. Through his innate understanding of light and an eye for composition, which he inherited from his parents, Felix marked his name in the industry.

The artist has worked with with stylists from Elle Decor, world class designers at The Design Museum, as well as exhibiting artists from the Royal College of Art.

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Inge Prins

Specialised in homeware, decor and interior architecture, Cape-Town-based photographer Inge is known for her attention to detail.

Inge majored in photography in the time when analog cameras ruled the world and digital retouching was still an urban-myth. Her solid grounding in technical photography allows her to capture her motifs in a beautiful way.

Inge works regularly with several global homeware brands, and her editorial clients include Monocle, Wallpaper, WSJ and Forbes. 

Portfolio Highlights
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Ivo Sekulovski

Self-taught photographer Ivo began his photography journey at the age of 13 with his brother’s DSLR camera. Having moved to Milan at the age of 19, it was whilst studying that he gained insights into the professional roam, through his assistance to professional photographers.

Working as a freelancer, Ivo is involved in shooting editorial, personal, and commercial content. He is lead by his interest in investigating what is considered as photographic realism, intuition and constructed fiction – bringing him to combine still life images seamlessly into the visual blend.

Ivo’s works reflect the ideas of absurdist theatre and ambiguity, as he often alters the functions and purpose of objects.

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Spencer Bentley

Father and photographer of human experiences, Spencer focuses his lens on everyday life and the movement presented by athletes.

The photographer believes that professional athletes have dedicated their lives to their artistry. In the attempt of reflecting their commitment, he focuses on the art of storytelling through photography. Influences from various art forms such as Jazz, poetry, and sculptures allow Spencer to add a special depth into his craft.

His project, known as the “Movement Diaries” is a longterm exploration of the way in which athletes use movement to express themselves.

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Lesi Pole

19-year-old fashion and lifestyle photographer Lesi has grown up being inspired by her family. Their strength, talent, and charming personalities have urged her capture them through photography.

Lesi perceives photography as the mean to communicate inner feelings and the purity of a person. The project, “The Artist”, is dedicated to her mother, who is a graphic artist, whom dedicated much of her time to make each project unique. The photo project investigated the inner feeling of people, and unravels the emotions that are hidden.

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Jerome Silvere

Jerome is an architecture, interior, and lifestyle photographer based in Bruxelles. In 2014, after finishing school, Jerome didn’t know what he wanted to study, which lead him to take a gap year in Australia.

After eight months in Australia and the beginning of his studies, Jerome quickly realised that the university life wasn’t for him and that he spent the majority of his time taking photos. Soon enough, his new found passion for photography, left him with the decision to drop out of university and travel around with his camera. His journey lead him to New Zealand, where he worked in a local bar to support his wanderlust and earn money for more gear.

Since 2019, Jerome has been freelancing and is constantly inspired by those that he meets and the sights that he sees.

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