Whether you’re looking to get family portraits taken, company headshots or images for a magazine, working with a top portrait photographer is critical for a quality outcome.

A portrait photographer is not only someone skilled in photography, but also someone who has the special ability to put subjects at ease and create great people imagery.

Everyone knows how having your portrait taken can be an uncomfortable experience. However, it should be a rather uplifting event and the right portrait photographer should make sure you have a fun time.

Cherrydeck has an extensive database of professional portrait photographers in London, and we’ve put together a collection of eight of our most outstanding members.

Phoebe Cowley

Phoebe is a fashion and portrait film photographer from London. Coming from an artistic background, she has found a passion for photography from an early age, taking photos of anything and everything. Phoebe has worked with several known brands and magazines, as well as with celebrities.

Klara Waldberg

Kara is an Up & Coming photographer based in London. With her work she focuses mainly on fashion, beauty, portraits, and lifestyle. She is sure to capture individuals in interesting angles and evoke different moods through her photographs.

Adam Titchener

Adam Titchener is a London based portrait, fashion and editorial photographer. In his client portfolio, one can find names such as Abercrombie & Fitch, ASICS, the Chelsea Football Club, and YMC.

Matt Marsh

Matt is a photographer based between London and Copenhagen. Available for commissions and collaborations worldwide, he has experience with the advertising, fashion, beauty and portrait fields.


ADXN is a London-based portrait and fashion photographer. The photographer is a lover of the golden hour, classic photography and minimalism, which is mirrored throughout her portfolio.

Clare Lewington

Clare is a portrait, lifestyle and food photographer based in London. She is the happiest when she is exploring new places and meeting new faces — especially if they have a dog. Clare has broad experience with commercial shoots in the design and food fields. Some of her clients include Map Projects, Rowse Honey, and Suitcase Magazine.

Bruce Mazibuko

Bruce is a driven professional photographer, with experience in the UK and internationally. He creates unique and powerful images for his clients, pushing his limits every time. Bruce has worked with designers, magazines, and modelling agencies, and has been considered one of the Top 30 Freelance Photographers in London.

Joel Rodriguez

Born in Venezuela, Joel felt connected to photography from a very young age. After graduating from university, he pursued the photography career and moved to the UK. Since then, Joel has been working in fashion and personal artistic projects. He enjoys creating images with a meaning, inspired by a cinematic style.

Find the best portrait photographers in London with Cherrydeck

These were some our best portrait photographers in London. However, you can find a much more extensive list of portrait and people photographers based in London on the Cherrydeck search.

To find a freelance portrait photographer in London:

Step 1: Select the ‘Search’ button on the top left corner of the Cherrydeck homepage

Step 2: Choose ‘London’ as your desired location

Step 3: Select ‘London, UK’ from the dropdown menu that pops-up

Step 4: Further select ‘People & Lifestyle’ as the photography category

Step 5: And if desired, customise your search even further including:

  • number of followers
  • photographer experience
  • access to a studio
  • post-production services
  • videography services

Step 6: Once you are all set, click the ‘Show Results’ button.

Top portrait photographers in London on cherrydeck

You’ll be presented a list of matching portrait photographer profiles from our pre-selected database, along with samples of their work.

If you want to explore the work of one specific portrait photographer, hit their ‘Profile’ button.

This will open their full profile view where you can see more of their portrait portfolio, learn more about their background, or even contact them through Cherrydeck for a collaboration.

Find a London portrait photographer now or check our interview with the acclaimed portrait photographer, Victoria Will.

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