Artistic approaches can be simple or complex. This is something that Cherrydeck strives on. No matter what the creative direction may be, talent can be shown in unique ways. Take a look at the fresh talent that has joined us in the past month.

At the beginning of each month the Cherrydeck Editorial Team celebrates the previous month’s newcomers and their portfolios. Take a glance at December in pictures and enjoy our fresh talent selection!

fresh talent
Sorawya Kohsar | Hamburg, Germany
fresh talent
Hannah Kroon | Amsterdam, Netherlands
fresh talent
Martyna Jazdzewska | Gda?sk, Poland
Eva Facchino | Lyon, France
fresh talent
Carla Todi | Paris, France
fresh talent
Jessica Costa | Faro, Portugal
Priscilla Nutshell | Rome, Italy
fresh talent
Hampus Persson | Kalmar, Sweden
Claire Angel | Manchester, United Kingdom

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