Eric Garsleitner was the photographer and videographer chosen by German malt beer company, Vitamalz. Discover how Eric landed the job and how he was able to capture authentic moments.

Eric Garsleitner is an adventurer, adrenaline seeker, and extreme sports enthusiast, who is always search for the next big thing to do. The photographer and Co-founder of Whyzzer is currently based in Hamburg, Germany, and is passionate about creating authentic and raw content

He discovered his passion for photography while he was still in school. In order to save the money for his first camera, Eric worked in construction. After that, he became known as “the guy with the camera”.

For me, photography is a way to express feelings and make people reflect.

Eric Garsleitner

Having the pleasure to shoot for Vitamalz, Eric was asked to capture authentic, positive content. The aim was to showcase people interacting with the product. In order to reflect the brand’s identity, he had to differentiate between the two drinks — Vitamalz Classic and Vitamalz Sport.

Eric Garsleitner

Vitamalz Sport was directed at presenting ‘Sport in the City’. For this, Eric shadowed parkour and skateboard pros on their journey throughout Hamburg.

He captured the moments in which these athletes sought a new adventure, found the perfect spot, or landed a challenging trick, all while drinking Vitamalz.

Eric Garsleitner
Eric Garsleitner

For Vitamalz classic, he focused more on presenting the drink in a more retro and analog-style.

The project spanned over two days. However, Eric stated finding the perfect sunny day in Hamburg within the rainy, winter season was quite difficult.

Eric Garsleitner

In order to capture genuine moments, Eric used the Sony A7III, alternating between three different lenses: a 28 mm, 30 mm, and 50 mm lens. He also used a reflector, a portable studio flash, and a self-built construction to give the photos a more analog look and feel.

It was fun shooting for Vitamalz since I believe the brand has a lot of potential as it is a hip, retro brand. I am very thankful that Cherrydeck gave me the chance to be a part of the production. 

Eric Garsleitner

The contact process through Cherrydeck was easy and uncomplicated, giving Eric the time to focus on what truly matters — staying creative.

Eric is a Fashion & Beauty and People & Lifestyle photographer who is always seeking adventure and adrenaline rushes. Viewing photography as a cure for his restlessness, Eric credits it as a way for him to slow down.

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