Ivan Stamato Baptista was the photographer chosen by the German beauty and healthcare brand APRICOT. Discover how Ivan captured the lifestyle of the natural cosmetics brand.

Ivan Stamato Baptista is a photographer based in the Algarve in Portugal. Originally from São Paulo, Ivan describes himself as a city boy who has fallen in love with the sun, and its tones.

Ivan bought his first camera in 2010. Street photography allowed Ivan to find new things to capture and rediscover himself. Finding a passion for registering what was happening around him, Ivan began offering to take photos in clubs.

Having initially started photographing clubs as a way to get into otherwise expensive events, Ivan quickly began photographing fashion events. However, still far from seeing it as a profession.

Ivan Stamato Baptista

Having the pleasure to shoot for the natural cosmetics brand APRICOT, Ivan was expected to capture the lifestyle of the company rather than its products. The idea was to portray the products in a natural and warm way.

When I saw what they were looking for I immediately got inspired and sent my application.

Ivan Stamato Bapista

After finding out that he had received the job, Ivan was sent the products by the brand and indications for the shoot. Soon thereafter, he chose a day for production and the team he wanted to work with.

Ivan credits the process as being extremely quick. Having been given full control of the scheduling and other aspects, Ivan was able to get familiar with the brand and decide how he wanted to portray it.

Ivan Stamato Baptista
Ivan Stamato Baptista

Ivan refers to the contact process through Cherrydeck as being very transparent and practical. Once APRICOT had taken his application into the shortlisted selection, he was contacted.

In order to give the brand a better feel of his photographic style, Ivan had shared a mood board, before finding out he had gotten the job.

The main aim of the campaign was to show the usage and vibe of APRICOT through its products and the lifestyle it represents. The organizational aspects of the project took not more than 3 weeks, while the photoshoot itself took only 4 hours.

Ivan Stamato Baptista
Ivan Stamato Baptista
Ivan Stamato Baptista

In order to capture the positive lifestyle of the brand, Ivan used a Nikon DLSR camera with a 105mm lens for most of the close-ups. The campaign was shot on a Mediterranean-style rooftop with white walls and floors, so a reflector was not needed.

The experience was awesome, I had the opportunity to connect with professionals from different countries and backgrounds.

Ivan Stamato Baptist

All-in-all Ivan describes the experience as being extremely positive. Being given the freedom to shoot something that went hand in hand with the aesthetics of his personal work, Ivan was able to easily apply his skills.

Ivan is a lifestyle, fashion, and food photographer based in Portugal. He places great focus on capturing beautiful aesthetics in his photography and incorporates natural sunlight to do so.

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