The creative industry is pretty competitive. Creating a long-lasting first impression is extremely important in maintaining clients. Learn how to create a solid photography portfolio online to boost your success.

A photography portfolio is a visual publication used by creative professionals to showcase their work. It is the best way that you as a photographer can display what you are best at, without any fuzz.

In order to present a successful portfolio, it is important that it grows and changes throughout your creative career. This way, any potential client is always seeing an accurate representation of your skills.

Let’s dive into the steps you will need to apply to create a solid photography portfolio online. Grab a cup of coffee and play your favorite playlist!

#1 Be your best self

The first step in creating a solid photography portfolio online is to write a short yet informative biography. A portfolio should give insights into your personality and style, so don’t skip this step.

Write a couple of lines about who you are, where you are based, or why you have chosen to work in an artistic career.

It might also be beneficial to include some of the skills, achievements, or awards you have received. Your strengths and talents are your main selling point, so don’t be shy to share them.

Including a list of past clients will help you speak to the appropriate audience.

Lastly, make sure you include your contact information so potential clients know exactly where to contact you!

#2 Curate your portfolio

The time has come! It is time to start selecting your best work. Just a heads up, this is probably the hardest and most time-consuming step you will endure on this journey.

You will have to resist the temptation of showcasing as much of your work as possible. To help you, remember that the key to a good photography portfolio is only highlighting your best images.

Select projects that mirror your ethics, creativity, skills, and versatility. Quality over quantity should be an absolute priority here.

#3 You are your own brand

At this stage in creating a solid photography portfolio online, you need to ask yourself “What am I best at?“.

You might have selected a few projects, but feel that you still need to focus on some rather than others. For this, it is important that you find a niche that you want to focus your work on and make it yours.

Being specific about what you do will project a powerful first impression, attract the right clients, and show that you are the right person for the job.

It is always better to shine in one niche then be okay in all.

#4 Create your portfolio

Now that you have all of your best projects sorted out, it is time to visualise your efforts. in recent times, having a strong digital portfolio has become more important than having a printed one.

While having a paper portfolio is still a nice thing to have, a digital portfolio is more versatile, easier to update, and cost-effective.

For this, it is important that you decide on a website builder that allows you to keep it uncomplicated and personal at the same time. After that step, it is time to decide on a template, font, and colors that match the overall style of your work.

Creating a website requires some design know-how. If you are looking for an easier option to present your work in a digital format, Cherrydeck can be the canvas you need.

Our portfolio option has a minimalist and sleek design, designated to help your work be the star of the show. Discover more here.

#5 Optimization

So far you have most likely worked most on your computer or laptop. But, what about on the mobile device?

It’s reasonable to think that not everyone that wants to check your portfolio will have a laptop with them. In order to make your photography portfolio optimal on a mobile device, it would be advised to consider the dimensions of the mobile screen when designing your digital portfolio.

Through optimizing your portfolio, you will be able to achieve the best performance you can possibly get and offer to your audience.

Let’s sum it up!

Those were 5 of the 7 steps needed to create a solid photography portfolio online. Take a look at the sum-up of all the above-mentioned factors:

  1. Be your best self
  2. Curate your portfolio
  3. You are your brand
  4. Create your portfolio
  5. Optimization

To learn the last two steps needed to create a solid photography portfolio online, take a look at our designated 7 step guide located in the Cherrydeck toolbox. Discover the last 2 steps needed to succeed.

Sign-up as a creative to gain access to our guide explaining how to create a solid photography portfolio, and start designing your online photography portfolio. Learn more about how to make a photography portfolio for a job interview, here.

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