In honor of Pride Month, we went on the hunt for colorful projects! We asked our creative community to submit a photography series or project to be considered for our Project Spotlight Pride Month Special.

The Editorial Team has gone through all the applications and selected the best projects celebrating Pride Month.

Today, we would like to showcase the selected talents. Enjoy!

Luar Klinghofer

Luar is a documentary filmmaker and photographer. Growing up she was exposed to different cultures and was constantly surrounded by art. This sparked her passion for sharing stories about other people and new perspectives.

She has been working professionally in the creative industry for over a decade.

Franziska Brodhun

Currently working as a freelance photographer, art director, and creative consultant Franziska specializes in fashion photography. She is passionate about portraying quirky and less serious moments.

Franziska has worked for clients in Germany, Europe, USA, and Asia.

The images displayed were produced in collaboration with Sarah Khiabani.

Daniel Webber

Photography and filmmaker, Daniel has been working in the industry since 2012 with his established partner Chris. Bringing 30 years of combined experience, the two are known for their fresh insights and artistic abilities.

Some of the past clients include Vanity Teen, Vogue Italia, and Playboy Magazine — amongst others.

Juan Gonzalez del Cerro

Juan is a photographer based in Barcelona. He focuses on capturing food and still life, and editorial and documentary moments.

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