Body positivity and inclusiveness has been addressed by more and more brands over the last few years. For instance, Unilever decided to say no to “normal” and remove the word from all beauty and personal care packaging earlier this year.

Dove which is part of the Unilever group launched already years ago the Dove Self-Esteem Project.

We all remember the famous campaign “Real Beauty Sketches” from 2013 where an FBI forensic artist is drawing women that he can’t see by the way they describe themselves. The final idea of the ad is that women are too critical of themselves. The tagline: “YOU are more beautiful than you think!”

Lately, as a part of Dove Self-Esteem Project, the brand has been focusing on helping young persons to build a healthy body image.

Dove Self-Esteem Project

To achieve this goal, Dove created resources to help parents, teachers, and youth leaders to deal with the issue. Amongst the discussed themes, “How to spot signs of bullying at school” or “Reality TV – the real effects of gender”.

Dove also introduced the Dove ‘No Digital Distortion Mark or the #TheSelfieTalk to show women as they are in real life and address the issue of image distortion in social media.

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