It can be difficult to find unique, authentic places to photograph that aren’t flooded with tourists or spread across social media. With this series, we gather unique locations for you, so all you have to do is bring your gear! Have a look!

This series hopes to help provide insights to areas you should explore the next time you are in need of discovering a new location. Check out these 4 authentic places to photograph in Japan, gathered from some of our local Cherrydeck members. Take a look and let creativity flourish — Enjoy!

Kansai Area

The Kansai region in Japan is made up of Hyogo, Kyoto, Shiga, Osaka, Nara, and Wakayama. The area lies in the southern-central region of Japan’s main island, Honsh?. And it encompasses a vast amount of traditional Japanese culture, reflected in both the temples standing throughout the territory and the zen gardens. Kansai is often times referred to as the spiritual centre of Japan.

A mixture of the authentic earthy colours of Japan with its strong cultural vibes.

Tomas Meleg

Photographer Tomas Meleg describes that the mixture of rural Japan with the concrete jungle reflects the typical feel and culture of Japan in multiple ways. The authentic earthy colours enrich the strong cultural vibes. Although some of the locations are heavily populated, any inspired photographer will be sure to find a hidden spot.

Tomas recommends savvy creatives to visit the Kansai region in the fall months. He indicates the best time to explore is either in the morning hours or the evening.


The most populous prefecture of Japan is Tokyo. Located in the middle of the Tokyo Bay, the fast paced city belongs to the Kant? region. Tokyo is known as one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world, with more than 37 million residents.

Due to the increased interest in Tokyo, the metropolitan city has developed into an extremely diverse destination. The originality of the rich culture mixed with up-and-coming labels and restaurants, places the city in an extraordinary light. Tokyo is a big city with all kinds of tones, from plain grey to high contrasting colours and shapes. This contrast is sure to add an inspiring twist to simple, minimal photos.

Nagoya-based photographer Luigi encourages inspired creatives to wonder around the city and let Tokyo do its magic. Commercial and administrative ward, Shinjuku is one of Luigi’s favourite locations to photograph. The billboard filled centre — resembling Times Square in New York City, mixed with the surrounding temples, reflects the Japanese values.

The best time to visit Tokyo is in the fall and spring seasons, and the city shows its spark in the morning and evening hours. Keep in mind, that in some cultural areas you are not allowed to take photos — but, don’t worry, there are plenty of other locations!


Shimokitazawa is a commercial and entertainment district in Tokyo. The former farming village, has developed into a bustling, well-known district due to its thriving arts and music scene. Because of its proximity to Shibuya, a neighbourhood filled with the younger generations and night clubs, Shimokitazawa presents a different cultural side of Japan. Not only is this district flooded with vintage shops, cafes, vinyl stores, and cool restaurants, but it is also the perfect place to capture moody moments.

This neighbourhood captures the zeitgeist of Japanese art, music and fashion sub-cultures.

Andrew Curry

Photographer, Andrew Curry says that the best time to photograph in the Shimokitazawa neighbourhood is the evening and night hours. The narrow streets and neon signs, which take over the district, add a special feel to any image and make it the best spot for nighttime photography. Whilst the district is a hotspot to the locals, many tourists have started taking an interest in Shimokitazawa due to its diverse thrift stores.


Y?rakuch? is a business area located in the district of Chiyoda, in Tokyo. Y?rakuch? is known for is luxurious shopping and business spots, as well as more traditional Izakaya’s — a type of informal bar offering casual after-work drinks and snacks.

One of the grandest architectural structures in Y?rakuch? is the Tokyo International Forum. Commonly known for its variety of events and exhibitions, many photographers flock here to capture its grand appearance.

Y?rakuch? encompasses Tokyo-based photographer Fix’s favourite elements: warm lighting, buildings, and people. Unlike the above mentioned locations, the district does not reflect any drastic cultural dimensions, but it mirrors the true lifestyle of the Japanese people living in Tokyo.

Fix recommends inspired creatives to visit the district any time in the year, preferably in the evening and night hours, as the work day is over and the Izakaya’s are filled with life.

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