Finding beautiful spots to photograph is no easy task. This is why we have asked our talented members for their top beautiful spots to photograph in Scandinavia. Have a look!

This series hopes to provide insights to areas you should explore the next time you are in need of discovering a new location. Read below for insights on 7 beautiful spots to photograph in Scandinavia, gathered from some of our local Cherrydeck members. They are sure to take your breath away — Enjoy!


Sweden’s largest island in the middle of the Baltic Sea, Gotland, offers spectacular nature sights and a variety of beautiful beaches. Although it is not the easiest place to travel to — as the travel times consist of a 3-hour ferry ride from Stockholm, followed by a drive around the island to discover its beauty — the photographer Gustav Tillas says it is completely worth it.

The island consists of a variety of fishing villages, old churches, and lighthouses. Its fascinating history is sure to reflect throughout your visit.

On the southeast side of the island, be sure to check out the När Lighthouse, located in a nature reserve. Gustav recommends a visit in the summer time, preferably in the evenings. This is when the golden hour light tones surround the island and will give your photographs a special feel. Any moment captured on Gotland is sure to be unique, as there are seldom photographers traveling there.

Sankt Eriksplan

Located in the Vasastaden district in Stockholm, Sankt Eriksplan is known for its parks and picnic spots. Although being pretty centred, the location is almost never crowded — making it the perfect area to be creative!

Although not containing any special elements, fashion and beauty photographer Vanessa Tryde says that the neighbourhood is surrounded with a calming vibe due to the colours of the buildings. Whilst the majority of Stockholm’s building are kept quite discreet, the pink tones which surround Sankt Eriksplan add for a brilliant pop of colour to any image.

Sankt Eriksplan is great to visit between the spring and summer seasons, at anytime between the morning and evening. Vanessa captures mostly portrait or fashion photography here due to the good lighting, with the vibrant pink houses acting as a type of unique backdrop.

Rubjerg Knude Fyr

The Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse lies on the coast of the North Sea in northern Denmark. Due to shifting sands and coastal erosion, the lighthouse was abandoned in 2002 and is currently under construction to prevent it from falling into the depth of the sea.

Lifestyle and landscape photographer, Ilsur Khusainov says that as the lighthouse is 60 metres above sea level, it is mind blowing to see how the strongest nature forces are tearing away at its core.

These wild nature forces and calming tones are reflected in the photos captured here. The warm sand colors and minimalist appeal create captivating imagery.

I have been to this place quite a few times, but whenever I come back, it still blows my mind away.

Ilsur Khusainov

Photographing in this still low-key destination is sure to reflect the spectacular landscapes and further lighthouses throughout Denmark, building on the cultural and historical dimensions of the country.

Ilsur recommends interested creatives to visit the Rubjerg Kunde Lighthouse in the spring, fall and winter seasons, preferably in the evening hours. It is advised to travel around with a car or by foot, and don’t forget glasses and, maybe even a mask to protect yourself from the sand!

Tip: It is possible to climb to the top of the lighthouse and enjoy the stunning views of the North Sea slowly expanding sand dunes.

Frederiksborg Castle

The Frederiksborg Castle is located 40-minutes outside of Copenhagen. It was built in the early 17th century and became the largest Renaissance residence in Scandinavia. Situated on the lake Slotssøen, the castle is surrounded by large gardens which enhance the beauty of its architecture.

Fashion and architecture photographer, Mikey Estrada is based in Copenhagen and describes the environment surrounding the castle as warm and romantic. The mixture of minimalist nature and astonishing architecture is sure to encourage any creative!

The castle is not too overcrowded by tourists, and Mikey recommends a visit in the summer and fall, typically in the afternoon. If you are visiting Copenhagen, or live in the area, be sure to visit the Frederiksborg Castle and feel the magical reflections for yourself. Don’t worry, it is fairly easy to reach!

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Faroe Islands

Pictures by Mikkel Adsbøl

The Faroe Islands are an archipelago located in the North Atlantic, 320 kilometres north of Scotland. The islands are categorised as an autonomous territory, belonging to the Kingdom of Denmark. The Faroe Islands are rich with Nordic culture due to their long isolation from dominating cultural times and movements.

Photographer Mikkel Adsbøl credits that many opportunities are presented in the beautiful nature of the islands, due to its wild appearance. The mix of the raw, yet wild nature with the clouds and fog which these northern islands are known for, add for a different type of inspiration.

Raw and natural graphical elements together with colour schemes or monochrome colours are truly amazing.

Mikkel Adsbøl

The climate which surrounds these island is a sub-polar oceanic climate – cold, windy, wet, and cloudy – so, make sure you come prepared. Mikkel recommends the perfect time to explore the Faroe Islands is in the spring time, preferably in the morning hours. He recommends inspired creatives to explore the islands, and steer clear of the tourist jammed spots, as these presented the culture and authenticity more naturally.


Located in the northern tip of Norway, in the county of Nordland, lies the archipelago of Lofoten. Known for its unique scenery with dramatic mountain peaks and sheltered bays which flood out to the open seas, Lofoten is the perfect place for those seeking inspiration. From the untouched land to the largest town, Leknes, photographers are sure to find the perfect moment to capture.

Whilst Lofoten and its location within the Arctic Circle attracts numerous tourists, there are still various hidden areas to be discovered. Nature and landscape photographer, Fredrik Bedsvaag says that the lighting surrounding the region is what makes it so unique.

There are many cultural dimensions surrounding Lofoten, due to the regional rumours regarding the fishery lifestyle of the Vikings and the wealth brought in by the discovery of oil in the North Sea.

Fredrik recommends that inspired creatives visit Lofoten year-round and at any time of the day. However, don’t forget your hiking equipment, so that you can really discover the area! Keep in mind the Norwegian idiom: “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes”.

Extra bonus: Between September and March the chance is extremely high to spot the Northern Lights!


A 5-hour drive outside of Bergen, in Norway, you will find yourself in the municipality of Luster, in the Vestland county. Here is where the fjord Sognefjorden begins its path to the North Sea. The area is fed by many large glaciers, which give it the unique teal colour.

The teal fjord, which can be seen in the images above, makes for a beautiful backdrop for photos and allows for inspiration to run free.

It is a perfect example of what Norway has to offer through its nature. Fjords, mountains and old wooden farms.

Ruben Ropstad

Photographer Ruben Ropstad, recommends that landscape, animals, and lifestyle shots be taken in Luster due to the impressive scenery and the reflection of the Norwegian culture. Due to its proximity to other popular locations, Luster still flies under the radar, making for a peaceful and unique visit. If you do, perhaps, run into anyone whilst wondering around, it is mostly locals!

Ruben recommends interested creatives to visit in the summer or fall seasons, at any time in the day. Also, don’t forget your hiking gear and brave yourself for steep hikes that are totally worth the views.

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