Have you wondered how to promote your photography and reach more people with your work? You’ve created your profile on Cherrydeck, but would like to push your portfolio further? This is the article for you.

As a photographer, creating beautiful images and inspiring projects is a must to be successful. But in itself, it is not enough to attract inquiries and reach relevant people.

It is true that creators need to create high-quality content. But, at the same time, they need to market that content — and themselves — in the right way, regularly.

This is not only relevant for photography promotion in general, but also when it comes to your Cherrydeck profile and how much you take out of it.

In today’s article, we will highlight some of the elements you need to keep in mind to push your portfolio further on Cherrydeck.

1# Complete your profile

The first step for a successful reach-out strategy should be completing your profile. Crafting your profile is crucial to win the attention of relevant people in the creative industry. And, we are not only talking about adding your best work!

In your profile, you need to consider all relevant details about yourself and your offer.

Adding media is a must to tell visitors about your style and what you focus on. But don’t disregard elements such as your bio, work categories, or expertise!

On your bio, tell people who you are, how it is to work with you, and consider adding a couple of client references or awards. Choose a location so that people can find you on search results, and add your work categories for the same reason.

In fact, if you have an uncompleted profile — meaning you did not add information about studio availability, expertise, post-production, and work categories; your portfolio will not be displayed in the search.

Profile from the photographer Evgeniya Savina
2# Make your profile worth saving

Often saved profiles signal relevancy for visitors, and therefore, our algorithm pushes them to the upper part of search results. Once again, the more you complete your profile, the higher the chances of it being saved are.

Besides what we’ve already specified, there are other factors that can help you on this task. Making sure the images you show are in accordance with your work categories is one of them.

With this we mean: if you mention you are a Food & Still Life, as well as a Fashion & Beauty photographer, ensure both categories are well reflected on your profile’s first page. The images you choose to publish there are the ones visitors will see when searching for photographers in those fields.

Someone searching for a food photographer, will certainly want to see food content. These details will influence how likely someone is to click on your profile or even contact you.

If you are tackling very diverse fields of photography there are additional ways to show all sides of your work. By creating galleries, you can showcase more of your imagery to relevant people and trigger their willingness to “save” you.

Lastly, you can also simply ask your network to share and save your profile.

Galleries from the photographer Evgeniya Savina
3# Submit your portfolio for promotion

An obvious way to reach more people on Cherrydeck is through promotions. You can ask for your photography to be promoted directly from your profile and get featured across the Cherrydeck channels. 

Our Editorial Team analyses carefully all the requests and the best ones will show up on the top of Cherrydeck’s homepage and Instagram. You can submit a request as often as you like.

Promotions place your work in a premium spot for website visitors. Actively promoting your portfolio will get you to reach not only more, but also new people coming to the Cherrydeck channels.

Promoted portfolios on the Cherrydeck homepage
4# Submit your project series for publication

Similarly to the option above, you can also submit your project series for publication at Cherrydeck. In this case, your project will be reviewed by the Editorial Team and published on our blog after approval.

Here, not only is your work shown in a long-form article on the Cherrydeck blog, but also searchable on Google, and shared on social media. You are simultaneously promoting your photography and increasing your credibility across the web.

Some of the projects submitted by members to Project Spotlight
5# Use Marketing Tools to reach more people on search results

The more interaction your profile has, the higher you will appear on search results.

One effective way of driving more clicks to your profile is by using Cherrylink. The tool is an all-in-one link for your Instagram bio, that allows you to send people to different pages of yours. By including your Cherrydeck profile as one of such links, you will receive more visits and therefore, increase your relevancy in the eyes of our algorithm, and reach more people on search results.

See how other photographers are already doing it, here.
Cherrylink example: photographer Matt Ben Stone
6# Pitch for creative jobs and opportunities

You can also promote your photography directly to potential clients. By applying to jobs and opportunities at Cherrydeck, your portfolio will be sent to the brands who have submitted those creative requests.

Not only will this help you reach relevant people and increase the chances of them visiting and saving your profile; it will also increase your exposure if you do get the job. We usually write about the members who were selected for assignments and awards, providing that extra boost you might need.

How to promote your photography and reach more people
Success stories about previous collaborations of Cherrydeck members with brands
7# Create and share your events

If you are hosting or participating in an event, workshop or exhibition, you can share it on the event board and invite the Cherrydeck community. Visitors of this page will see your name on the event and will be redirected to your profile when clicking on it.

This way, you provide value to the creative community and drive relevant traffic to your profile.

These were our 7 tips on how to promote your photography and reach more people on Cherrydeck.

To learn more about how you can optimise your portfolio or even your Instagram strategy, have a look at our guides on your Toolbox.

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