Today, Toms Harjo opens up the door of his Riga studio and lets us go behind the scenes into his space and take a peek at his routines and work tools.

Toms Harjo is a young Riga-based contemporary photographer with a background in graphic design. Currently working as a freelance photographer and video artist, today he lets us inside his studio through a small series of photographs.

The photographer Toms Harjo with two of his most valued tools

Growing up next to the harbour in Riga’s industrial area, Toms has switched the Baltic Sea by the city centre at the time he decided to start his dramatic theatre acting studies. Today, he is still living and working in the area, close to one of Riga’s most iconic streets, the Miera Iela — which means peace street when translated.

View to the inner courtyard out of the living room window

Working both with photography and videography, Toms is used to handle a broad set of different tools. Below is one of the gadgets he uses for most of his filmmaking — although he has been recently leaning towards more handheld aesthetics over smooth gimbal shots.

When it comes to the working area, Harjo opted for a desk that lifts, so that both him and his wife — with whom he shares the space, are not sitting all day.

The photographer’s partner is also in the creative area and is currently studying Design at the Art Academy of Latvia. Her canvas can be found on the walls and other details, such as her wedding dress, are spread around the studio for a homely feeling.

In his spare time, Toms likes to open the window and enjoy the fresh air with a coffee brew or a glass of whiskey, while reading a book or watching a movie.

Toms’ wife wedding dress from 2017

When it comes to music, Toms practically only listen to his favourite show on Mixcloud, T?rkult?ra — wich mixes everything from contemporary classics to hip-hop and interviews. 

On a final note, the photographer told us he’s looking forward to make his work even more portable, by moving all of his photo editing and file organising tasks to iPad with the introduction of iOS 13 file system and the support for external disk attachment through USB C.

Toms Harjo had his first major solo show In the Truth in 2018, at Kim? in Riga. His work has been featured in several group shows, both local and international, as well as various personal exhibitions.

To see more of Toms’ work, visit his Cherrydeck profile or his website, here. For more inspiration, check out our Comfort series, where the photographer was featured together with other amazing Cherrydeck talents.

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