Mastering light in photography is no simple task. Besides all the technical aspects, there’s the fact that the human mind sees it and perceives it in different ways. Today, we embrace the approach of Dmitry Bayer and see light through the lens of the young Ukrainian photographer.

A self-proclaimed dreamer, Dmitry Bayer started officially working with photography about 4 years ago when he was gifted a camera by his parents. In an endeavour to express his innermost feelings, he now wants to pave way for people to understand him through his photographic view.

Dmitry Bayer - rainbow light eye

Enthusiastic to play around with light, Dmitry makes it an important subject of his photography. At first, he started experimenting with natural light and shooting on sunny days, and soon he began crafting a definitive imagery and learning how to convey different moods in one single photograph.

Use the shining light directly in focus or let it reflect on a surface. Play around with it and enjoy it more.

Dmitry Bayer - yellow, red, purple sea and boy alone
Dmitry Bayer - yellow horizon with seagulls

Dmitry Bayer is a promising photographer coming from Odessa Oblast, in Ukraine. To see more of his playful work, visit his Cherrydeck profile or his Instagram here. If you want to see more of fresh newcomers, check out the Members Highlight of October. ?

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