Alex Rosu is a self-represented Paris-based photographer. We spoke with Alex about the process of growing his business, deciding who to work with, and what sparks his creativity.

Alex Rosu is a photographer based in Paris, France. With 10 years of experience in the industry, he grew his business mainly through word-of-mouth recommendations. Photographing mainly for commercial and editorial use, Alex has worked for brands such as Balmain, Elie Saab, and Montblanc — amongst others.

He believes that the experience you gain in life is the spark for creativity. Alex is passionate about working with people that obtain creative freedom.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? Who is Alex Rosu?

I am a freelance fashion photographer based in Paris who loves taking pictures on both digital or analog. I also do videography especially beauty and behind the scenes.

Alex Rosu
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How did you get started in photography?

I remember my beautiful childhood when my father took me with him to work and we got to drive through the whole country. I had a point-and-shoot film camera and I was taking mostly landscapes. My mom still has those pictures. As I got older digital cameras were starting to be accessible and during my university years, I grew closer to photography. 

I participated in an Epson photography contest and I won a trip to Ireland! That gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams and an eventual career as a photographer.

I took 2k photos on a two-day trip, for example, practicing and taking pictures of everything. Then, in 2009 while my focus was fashion and product photography I had my first client, Sabon Romania, a skincare and beauty brand that I’ve been working with for a long time after. 

On your website, you state you grew your business mainly through word of mouth. How was that process?

It was an organic process that came from happy clients. The truth is only people can help you grow your business other than your hard work, of course.

I have always done my best to keep growing — I keep looking back on my work, and I improve it.

AMIRI SS2020 collection, shot by Alex Rosu, via Instagram.
You’ve also worked with big names in the fashion industry. When did you start getting your first renowned clients?

Definitely after we moved to Paris. Working with different designers back in Romania was a good experience, however, things changed when I started taking pictures at Fashion Week.

My street style pictures helped me a lot to get noticed by important people in the industry and a few months after my arrival in Paris I was working with high-end brands. 

How do you decide on who to work with?

Mostly, it depends on the project, but, I always like working with creative minds, people, or brands with a beautiful, artistic view. Having creative freedom is definitely something that I am seeking.

Photograph by Alex Rosu.
Alex Rosu
Backstage of AMIRI, shot by Alex Rosu, via Instagram
Penelope Cruz shot by Alex Rosu for Vogue.
You have taken pictures of many known people and brands. What was the craziest experience you have had on set?

I got a job featuring Penelope Cruz for an advertorial in Vogue. So I set up my lights, I get everything ready but I was never told that the whole session was going to be exactly two minutes.

I had two minutes, 120 seconds on the clock to take two portraits!  That, or bumping into Michael B Jordan on set! 

What sparks your creativity for a photoshoot?

Could be anything! It could be a color, an object, a song, just a random thought that can help create the story. After all, artists are a sum of everything they have experienced in life so you never know what sparks your creativity! 

Your wife is a makeup artist and you two work within the same industry. Do you feel that influences your work? How?

If it does, can only be in a good way. My wife would show me details I wouldn’t normally see when taking a beauty shot.  She is also very demanding and specific and if you ever worked with your partner you know it’s difficult!

Alex Rosu
Portrait by Alex Rosu.
Alex Rosu
Portrait by Alex Rosu.
Alex Rosu
Portrait by Alex Rosu.
You are self-represented according to your website. What was behind that decision?

It wasn’t a decision that I took at some point, it just came naturally. Most of the jobs come from clients I’ve developed a relationship with.

I  think being represented could give you benefits but you lose that closeness to your clients. 

What brand would you like to work for in the future? And, why?

Iconic houses like Saint Laurent, Iris van Herpen, Ami Paris, Jacquemus for their fresh, unique styles and the overall artistic vibe that they own.

Alex Rosu is a self-represented photographer based in Paris. He channels inspiration through anything that can support the story he is aiming to tell. Check out his Cherrydeck profile, his website, and Instagram.

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