Are you a creative professional who is in need of finding a photo studio to shoot your next project? Take a look at these deals.

Have you just landed a really cool job? Or, are you planning to shoot a project but you need a photo studio where you can get the job done?

We understand the hassle of finding the most ideal space in which you can get creative. Either it is too small, too big, the lighting isn’t right, or the location is off. Well, the process of finding the best studio has now just become easier.

Over the last couple of months the Cherrydeck team has engaged on a deep studio search for you!

Today, we introduce to you some amazing studios that we are now partnering with. Start scrolling below, and claim your unique deal and discount today — exclusive to Cherrydeck members! Enjoy!


Own Studio | Portugal

Located in Lisbon, Portugal, the 100 sqm space offers creatives a bright studio to work in. The studio lighting is included and you can hire any additional equipment needed.

Contact Tiago to receive a 15% discount for 5 hours or more.

Damianos Pro | Greece

Found in Thessaloniki, Greece, the Damianos Pro studio is an 80 sqm space where you can hire equipment, cameras, and lenses.

Contact Damianos Maximdis to claim the deal that offers softboxes, light stands, and any equipment you might need in your rental.

Location Mallorca | Spain

Located in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, the studio offers 130 sqm creative space inside and 110 sqm outside. Location Mallorca does not offer a cyclorama, however equipment is available for hire through an external partner.

Contact Karl to receive your 15% discount on the rate card, no double discount possible.

Photostudio 1619 | Italy

Photostudio 1619 is a 120 sqm large studio. Based in Milan, Italy, a creative professional can let their vision run free here. Photostudio 1619 offers basic studio lighting as well as additional equipment for hire. There is no cyclorama included.

For your 10% discount, contact Irina Litvinenko.

6 pm Studio | Italy

The 65 sqm large 6 pm photo studio is located in Rome, Italy. When renting the studio, all lighting is included and additional equipment is available for hire.

If you are interested in booking this studio, contact Gabriele and receive 10% off up to 2 hours, 15% off up to 3 hours, and 20% off for longer.

303 | Switzerland

This 240 sqm large photo studio is located in Zürich, Switzerland. It is equipped with basic studio lighting and cyclorama. If you wish to hire additional equipment, it can easily be booked.

Claim 10% on rent and equipment on days 1 and 2 of your shoot. Contact Stefan Baumgartner to discuss any additional discounts.

Photographe Geneve | Switzerland

This 32 sqm studio can be found in Geneva, Switzerland. When renting this space, you can also use basic studio lighting and hire extra equipment.

Contact Sylvain Rivarolo to get a 10% discount on your booking.

Greenscreen Studio | Netherlands

Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, this 48 sqm studio is a great space to get creative. Although it does not have a cyclorama, all studio lighting is included and you can hire any additional equipment you may need.

Book this studio for a rate of €250 per day by contacting Chip Bray.

De Rooij Fotografie | Netherlands

This 70 sqm photo studio is located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. When renting this space, the basic studio lighting is included. If you need any additional equipment, you can hire it.

Claim 15% on the regular price by contacting Mark De Rooij.

photo studio video studio rotterdam
Ikonic Studio | Germany

Located in Berlin, Germany, this 310 sqm studio is a great space to shoot any upcoming project. Any equipment you may need will be available for hire.

Contact Cliff Goncalo to claim a 5% discount on all costs of days 1 and 2, and 10% for more than 3 days.

photo studio video studio berlin
Lufthaus Studio | Germany

Located in Cologne, Germany, this loft style studio offers 140 sqm of creative space. You can use their C-stands/tripods, apple boxes, sand bags, and trolley for free.

Contact Cristina Redinger to claim the 10% discount when you book a regular production.

photo studio video studio cologne
Loftstudio 14c | Germany

This rustic studio is located in Düsseldorf, Germany, in the neighborhood Neuss. The studio has 300 sqm and offers a great space for any photographer’s creativity to run free. This space is suited to fulfill any vibe and creative direction. Loftstudio 14c has a cyclorama and any equipment needed is available for hire.

Contact Vanessa Kaatz to claim either a complimentary hour on top of your booking, or get 1 profoto studio flash strobe head for use during your booking.

photo studio video studio dusseldorf
Peach & Cherry | Germany

Peach & Cherry is a photo studio located in Stuttgart, Germany. The studio offers 150 sqm of space, making it a perfect environment to shoot fashion as well as car campaigns.

Contact Anton Ungefug to get a discount of €500 per day, or save €50 an hour if you rent it for a minimum of 4 hours.

photo studio video studio stuttgart

United Kingdom

The Warehouse Studios | UK

Located in Manchester, UK, The Warehouse Studios is a great space for professional photographers, videographers, filmmakers to shoot their next campaign.

The 30 sqm studio is equipped with studio lighting, cyclorama, and any additional equipment you might need

Contact Sandi Hodkinson to claim your 20% discount on weekdays.

photo studio video studio machester
Pocket Creatives | UK

Pocket Creatives is located in London, UK. The 32 sqm sized studio offers equipment hire through an external partner. However, the studio does not offer a cyclorama.

Contact Steven Mayatt in order to receive your 10% discount on your booking.

photo studio video studio london
The Mill Studios | Ireland

This 300 sqm can be found in Dublin, Ireland. While this studio does not have a cyclorama, you can rent any equipment you might need.

Contact Peter to get your deal of free light (3x Bowens 500w Flash Heads) and modifiers for every full day hire.

photo studio video studio dublin

North America

Vandervoort Studio | New York

This independent studio is located in Brooklyn, New York. Equipped for photo and video production, this space offers natural lighting and basic grip and production equipment.

Book this versatile space with Anastasia Bezhanova and get a $100 discount on rent and a $100 discount on your equipment rental above $500.

photo studio video studio new york
Encapsulate Studio | California

This bright and sunny studio is located in the heart of Santa Monica, California. Providing photographers with any equipment they might need, this studio is many-sided.

To receive a 15% discount on rent and equipment contact Galina and Alexandru Valean.

photo studio video studio california
Originator Studios | Texas

Located in Austin, Texas, the Originator Studios is ideal for video production, photoshoots, as well as events. Calculating up to 250 sqm of space, it is a great place for creative minds to capture their next project.

Offering a $600 rate for a full day or a $340 rate for a minimum of 4 hours, contact Kari to claim this deal.

photo studio video studio texas
THAT Toronto Studio | Canada

This fully-equipped and furnished 300 sqm photo studio is located in Toronto, Canada. There are two studio rooms available — the blanca room and the main studio room, which encompasses a more boho feel.

By contacting Daniel Camer, you can receive a complimentary hour on top of you booking, as well as use the electric blue light and edison bulb packages.

photo studio video studio toronto


Photography School Asia | Thailand

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, this 60 sqm studio offers high ceilings and outstanding equipment, from photography gear to accessories. Find out more information, here.

Contact Jonathan Taylor to receive a 20% discount.

photo studio video studio thailand

Those were some of the studios that Cherrydeck is now partnering with! If you did not find a suiting studio, then be sure to keep an eye on our list, and maybe soon you will find the perfect fit!

Sign up to Cherrydeck today, to take advantage of these awesome deals and discounts! Happy shooting. ??

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