This season, Amazon reminds us that Christmas is not just about getting and giving material gifts, but rather the spirit of kindness and compassion that it brings.

As usual every year, Amazon rolls up an outstanding Christmas ad. While in 2020, it was all about the ballerina in “The Show Must Go On” portraying the importance and power of community in these tough times.

In their 2021 ad, they decided to highlight the most invaluable gift one could give to not only our loved ones but also strangers: kindness. The ad is titled accordingly: “Kindness, the greatest gift.”

Created by Lucky Generals, this almost 3-minute ad sheds the light on the rising anxiety in young adults caused by the ongoing pandemic.

The story follows a young girl who is feeling anxious about the aftermath of the pandemic. Although life seems to be getting back to normal – with restaurants and clubs reopening – it really isn’t. The world has changed and our well-being has been affected.

The young girl has a neighbor – an older woman – with whom she shared a few interactions. Consequently, she notices her struggles and orders a thoughtful gift for her on Amazon. Through kindness, the neighbor is able to bring a smile to the girl’s face.

The holidays still carry the effects of the pandemic for both young and old people. However, the Amazon Christmas ad shows us how a small act of kindness can have a huge impact on people’s lives, especially this season.

The opportunities to show kindness and connection are endless – but especially essential during these times which affect everyone differently. Which value is your brand highlighting this year?

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