2021 was a year of change, readjustment, and growth. We changed our way of working with clients and creatives, welcomed new team members, and collaborated with thousands of talented creators and amazing brands. Now after a fresh start into the new year, we would like to share with you how 2021 looked like at Cherrydeck.

We introduced Cherrydeck Branded Stock

Cherrydeck Branded Stock is a new service we started offering in 2021 after understanding the pandemic had changed the way the creative industry works. It opens new possibilities for consumer brands to source visual content of their products and for creators to freely collaborate with clients and build up several revenue streams.

For brands, it’s basically like buying stock photos that are tailor-made. Branded Stock takes out the burden of spending time finding creative talent and arranging the logistics of a content production. Creators are sent the products to be shot and the brand receives ready-to-buy content at the end of the process.

We decided to focus on consumer brands and worked with amazing clients

With the growth of the Branded Stock offer and the good feedback we received from clients, came also the decision of starting to narrow our approach and defining a market focus. So in 2021 we began approaching more consumer brands. The ones that could easily ship their products and benefit from the new content creation model.

From this decision many interesting collaborations emerged. The past year we had the pleasure to work with clients such as Blackroll, Edzard, Emma Sleep, Fissler, Festivalbier/Oettinger, Klarheit, Krombacher, La Mer, Ritzenhoff, Steam One, Vorwerk, and many more.

Photo from Branded Stock collaboration with Vorwerk | Work by Giulia Maretti
Photo from Branded Stock collaboration with Ritzenhoff | Work by Kathleen Pracht
Photo from Branded Stock collaboration with Ritzenhoff | Work by Ina Weiss

We designed our own merch

This year we finally got our own merch — and it looks so nice! In addition to our Cherrydeck stickers, we now also have beautiful hoodies and t-shirts.

The whole team got the chance to vote on their favourite designs and the winning proposals were then brought to life by Eindruck.

Photography by Sabine Skiba
Photography by Sabine Skiba

We welcomed David, Bojan, and Safell into the team

In 2021 we added new talent to our team! David Tornow joined our Sales department as Business Development Manager, Bojan Kostadinov joined our Product & Engineering team as a Full-stack Developer, and Safell Siguenas joined the Marketing team for an internship.

Now, we look forward to keep growing the Cherrydeck family!

We got 21 photographers driving the Polestar 2 through Germany and showed all about it in an exhibition

In 2021, we invited 21 Cherrydeck photographers in seven German cities to experience the Polestar 2 in an exclusive road trip through the country.

We challenged our best members to complete a nationwide route by getting the car from one Polestar Space to the next, while capturing the experience with amazing photographs in their city and along the way.

At the end of the challenge, we hosted a secret exhibition together with Polestar in Hamburg.

We hosted a webinar with Adobe Stock

Early in 2021 we launched a series of editorials and one exclusive webinar together with Adobe Stock. The aim was to inspire the community, expand their creative horizon, and incentivise them to explore stock photography as a new revenue-generating opportunity.

Adobe stock photography cherrydeck

We started our own podcast

2021 was also the year we decided to try to produce our own podcast! In March we launched Off the Record — Conversations on the Creative Landscape.

Aiming to be the place for fresh discussions and raw conversations, on our podcast our CEO Philipp Baumgaertel, talked with various personalities in the creative industry about the most diverse topics.

We had the pleasure of interviewing the graphic designer and artist Alex Proba, Eyeem’s founder Gen Sadakane, Kolle Rebbe’s manager director Lennart Wittgen, and many more.

We hosted a series of webinars from creatives to creatives

While lockdown was still shining a dim light on creativity, in March we started Cherrydeck webinars to foster connection and create a peer-to-peer learning atmosphere.

Our members got to learn about marketing with Moritz, street style photography with Anastasia, minimalist photography with Lesley, and even NFT’s with Ryan and Fred.

What can you expect in 2022?

For 2022 there are a lot of amazing things on the pipeline! We will continue working on our mission to help consumer brands to source custom visual content at scale. And we will do so together with our amazing community of talent around the world.

We know getting high-quality visual content can be easy. In 2022, we will focus on showing it to the world.

Do you want to know more about Cherrydeck or work with us?

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