If you’re an architectural photographer active on Instagram, you can’t afford to join the ranks of platform users who either abandon or misuse its iconic hashtags.

By using Instagram hashtags for architecture photography correctly, you can not only broaden the audience for your photography but also secure clients and attract the attention of industry influencers.

Our guide to Instagram architecture hashtags is designed to explain what hashtags are, how to use them effectively, and which hashtags are most popular for the architectural photography industry.

What are Instagram architecture hashtags and what do they do?

A hashtag is an optional tag that can be used to categorize any image on Instagram. The hash is the # symbol and the tag is a keyword describing the image.

Once an image is tagged it becomes discoverable in searches for that hashtag. Users can also click on hashtags that appear on images to view other images using the same tag.

Running a hashtag search will lead to a list of similar hashtags. Once the relevant one is selected from search it will display the ‘Top posts’ for that hashtag. These are the most liked posts for the tag.

Users can then switch their search result view to ‘Recent posts’ to view a gallery of the latest images posted to Instagram using the hashtag in question.

architecture photography instagram hashtags

How to use Instagram Architecture hashtags

Popular architecture hashtags often have millions of posts, which can easily tempt photographers into attempting to secure a piece of the massive audience for these posts.

There are a couple of issues with this approach:

1. The most popular hashtags tend to be more general (think #architecture), which means your image may be only broadly related to the topic and will be also exposed to a more general audience that may not be specifically interested in what you are trying to show them.

2. Unless you secure a spot in the ‘Top posts’ section your audience will be tiny, since it will only display to the few users that have chosen to view the Recent posts section in the few seconds before your image is buried by new posts by other users.

When it comes to using Instagram architecture hashtags, quality trumps quantity. What you want is to appear to highly targeted audiences while being visible for as long as possible.

This will improve engagement with your posts and help to increase your following.

Fortunately achieving this is quite simple. Forget about using extremely competitive general keywords and focus on what makes your image unique.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to include the photograph location, or the audience location you want to target, in the hashtag. This will automatically reduce the audience size and make your content appear in more specific searches.

Focusing on a particular architectural style or interior or exterior architecture? Include this in your hashtag too.

You’ll need to play around with your hashtags to get an idea of what will provide you with a decent-sized audience. You want to have a solid chance of appearing in the ‘Top posts’ section while also being visible for a more extended period in ‘Recent posts’.

It’s easy to test potential hashtags – simply run a search for the hashtag and Instagram will display the number of posts for the hashtag as well as ideas for similar hashtags being used by other Instagram architecture photographers.

How many post likes do I need to appear in the top posts?

The larger the number of posts for a hashtag the more likes you will need to secure a place among the top posts.

To get a rough estimate of how many likes you need to appear in the top posts for architecture hashtags, take the number of posts for the hashtag and divide it by 1,000.

If your average post likes don’t come close to the number this calculation produces, then you need to continue looking for a more specific and relevant hashtag.

How many Instagram hashtags should I use?

You can use up to 30 hashtags on an Instagram post. 

However, you should never need this many architecture design hashtags if you keep your hashtags relevant and descriptive of the images you are posting. 

Targeting influencers

Using hashtags that include the name of architecture influencers can be an effective way of drawing their attention to your work.

Influencers are more likely to see images that they are tagged in, and with many prepared to share the work of architecture photographers, they can help you build a name for yourself.

Don’t forget to create and use a unique hashtag to describe your own business so that influencers can more easily share your images if they pick up your work.

Architecture photography hashtags for Instagram

You’ve probably realized that the architecture photography cut and paste method is not going to get you meaningful results.

Instead, what you want to do is identify hashtags that are specific to your images and make them as specific to each image as possible.

However, it’s still useful to know what the most popular Instagram architecture hashtags are. This way you’ll know which keywords to avoid, as well as get some ideas for keywords you can customize to fit your own work.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular architecture photography hashtags.

HashtagPost number
#interiordesign 119,970,160
#architecturelovers 16,596,849
#archidaily 6,920,770
#archdaily 5,819,720
#architecturedesign 2,894,076
#modernarchitecture 2,343,614
#architecturephoto 1,044,316
#interiorphotography 1,024,674
#architizer 661,059
#architecturalphotographer 127,577

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