Are you ready to take your photography presence to the next level? Learn how you can turn your Instagram bio link into an effective one as a photographer.

While you may think it is easy to present your photography on Instagram, there is one extremely important component that can help drive traffic to your website or any other pages you are active on: your Instagram bio link.

Today, we focus on awesome examples of photographers’ Instagram bio links and help you understand how you can grow your traffic through the social media platform.

What is the Instagram Bio Link?

The Instagram bio link is a clickable URL that appears on your Instagram profile description. This place is great to provide visitors with essential information about your business, products, or services, and redirect interested visitors to your website or relevant pages.

However, Instagram limits you to adding only one link, which means if you have more than one important conversion page, you will need to make a wise decision about what link to include.

Why Should People Pay Attention to your Bio Link?

As a photographer, Instagram is a great place to showcase your work and attract new leads, so you shouldn’t see the follower number as your main KPI. Rather, you can use your Instagram profile as the top of a funnel and make use of your Instagram bio link to take these people further down to seeing more of what you offer.

More possibilities with Cherrylink

Cherrylink is a marketing tool that helps you showcase all your relevant links on your Instagram bio. One URL can be very limiting if you have multiple projects or pages that you want to share.

With Cherrylink, you can create an all-in-one link that redirects visitors to a clickable menu filled with all your important pages. You can insert a call-to-action for people to get in touch with you directly, lead them to recent projects you’ve done with great clients, or even take them to the page of your most recent exhibition, interview, or website.

Learn more about how photographers are using Cherrylink to grow their page traffic.

Take a look at these Awesome Photographer Instagram Bio Links

Anya Kholina

Anya is a still life, fashion, and lifestyle photographer who is currently based in Moscow, Russia.

Her Cherrylink is a great example of how you can set it up to your advantage. Anya has linked the shop where you can buy her prints, as well as various photo albums, an interview, and an exhibition. Take a look!

Daniel Willis

Berlin-based portrait and lifestyle photographer, Daniel tells empowering stories through his work. He has designed his Cherrylink to show his website, steps to contacting him, his Cherrydeck profile, and Behance account.

Through the personalization of the background and buttons colour, Daniel’s Cherrylink is a great example of how you can make it your own. Take a look!

Isabelle Paul

Passionate about capturing authentic and emotional moments through her work, Isabelle focuses mostly on wedding photography.

She has used Cherrylink to redirect visitors to her website, print shop, blog, her contacts, and gift cards’ page. Take a look!

Max Libertine

Max Libertine is a commercial photographer shooting mostly fashion, beauty, and travel-related editorials.

He has started his own online magazine, the, and has created his own all-inclusive photo production format, THE BRAND EXPERIENCES. These projects, along with links to his art shop, website, photo filters, and portfolios are integrated into his Cherrylink. Take a look!

Take interested visitors to your relevant pages

Group all your important content in one place.

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