To find a videographer on Instagram should be easy. In the end, Instagram is the world’s main to-go place to discover video content.

However, that is part of the problem.

Countless videographers are presenting their work on Instagram, which makes it extremely difficult to separate professional videographers from the stack of people publishing videos on the social media platform.

Things are more difficult when you are looking for a skilled videographer in a specific location or someone who is specialized in the style of video production you are seeking.

So, here are some hacks for learning how to find a videographer on Instagram.

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Keyword Search

If you are interested in browsing through the videographers that are present on Instagram, you can easily use a broad keyword search.

The process of performing a keyword search is simple. Simply tap the search icon located in the bar at the bottom of the screen. Once it opens, you can enter your preferred keyword into the search bar.

Broad keywords such as ‘videographer’ will generate broad search results. These consist of a mix of accounts and hashtags. If you are looking to find videographers specific to a location or creative genre, then you will need to be more specific.

If you are looking to find a videographer in a determined location, you will need to include the name of that place, for example ‘videographer London’.

With this, you will be presented with a list of creatives based in London who refer to themselves as videographers, regardless if they are amateurs or not.

find a videographer on Instagram

Places Search

Instagram allows you to find more directed location results for your searched keyword, through the ‘places’ search function.

In order to use this search tool, you have to make sure that your location tracking for the app is turned on.

To locate this search tool you need to select the search icon in the bottom bar. Then, select the empty search bar followed by the ‘Places’ option that appears underneath the search bar.

When you run a search for ‘videographer’, Instagram will show a list of videography businesses. The results that you are shown are not only of creatives that are present in your city, but also worldwide.

For more directed results for the location you are looking for, try searching for ‘videographer London’ under the ‘Places’ category.

find a videographer on Instagram

Tag Search

Hashtags are one of the most beneficial ways to find videographers on Instagram.

If you are interested in running a hashtag search, then tap on the ‘Tags’ category located under the search bar. This option is the best if you are looking for a videographer that specializes in a specific category.

By typing ‘commercial videographer’, Instagram will show you relevant hashtags that fall under the terms you searched.

Additionally, you will have insights into how many posts are available for each relevant hashtag you are confronted with.

When you select the hashtag that fits the best, you will be able to see a gallery of content that has been tagged with that specific hashtag.

Once you find a video and videographer that you like, you can find more information about them on their user account. If the video is not from the user then you can check the text beneath to see if the creative is credited.

Keep in mind: While Instagram searches are kept fairly broad, accounts you follow, photos and videos you link, and the people you connect with influence your search results.

find a videographer on Instagram


While the search functions on Instagram allow you to find videographers, the process is not always successful.

Instagram is not well equipped to sufficiently provide the type of information you may be interested in. These can include the experience levels of the videographer as well as the genre they specialize in.

Cherrydeck is here to help you overcome the overwhelming Instagram search hassle.

With Cherrydeck, you can find the best talent out of a vast selection of creative professionals that could be interesting for you in just a few clicks!

How to use Cherrydeck

Step 1: On the Cherrydeck homepage you can select the ‘Search’ option on the top left corner of the screen.

Afterwards, you will be able to enter the location of the videographer you are looking for and select the specific location from those listed on the dropdown menu that appears.

Step 2: Once you’re done, you will need to select the Videography filter and set it to ‘Yes.’ This way, you make sure you find only creatives who produce videos.

Step 3: After, you are able to refine your search further. By adjusting the features that are relevant, you can narrow down potential videographers to work with.

The filters include:
  • Location
  • Categories
  • Number of Followers (Ranged from minimum to maximum)
  • Level of Expertise
  • Studio Vacancy
  • Post-production availability

Once all the categories have been selected, you have the chance of finding creatives that match. By clicking ‘Editors’ Choice’, only selected creatives from the Cherrydeck Editorial Team will be shown. ‘Show Results’, will show you all users.

Press the ‘Profile’ button and you can access the creative’s full profile. Here you can see links to their Instagram page, a bio, contact options, and sample photos and albums.

If you like what you see on a creative’s profile, but want to check out some other professionals, you can select the ‘Save’ button on their profile before running another search. 

You can then find them, along with any other creatives you have saved, under the ‘Saved profiles’ link in the Cherrydeck menu.

It’s that simple.

Search for Instagram videographers now or learn more about how to find a photographer on Instagram. Looking for a platform to present your work on? Sign up for Cherrydeck! ?

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