Branded Stock is a new Cherrydeck service that allows brands and creators to produce content differently. Today, we explain in detail what it is, how it works, and share testimonials from photographers who’ve tried the process.

Cherrydeck Branded Stock is a new service Cherrydeck started offering this year after understanding the pandemic had changed the way clients and creatives work. It offers new possibilities for brands to source visual content of their products and for creators to collaborate with clients and build up several revenue streams. All in a more convenient and efficient manner.

Let’s dive into the specifics!

What is Cherrydeck Branded Stock?

For brands, it’s basically like buying stock photos that are tailor-made. Branded Stock takes out the client’s burden of spending time finding the right creatives and arranging the logistics of a photo shooting. Through the process, the client only needs to choose and buy the content they like from a custom database.

For photographers, it’s basically like creating several hubs where revenue can come from while having more freedom to work. Unlike in traditional shoots, creators are simply sent the products to be shot and the brand guidelines. For the overall work, there’s a lot of creative freedom and space to have personal ideas brought to life.

After shooting, a creator can submit all of their work to clients — instead of only a small and restricted set of content — and have their images and rights bought several times throughout time.

How does Cherrydeck Branded Stock work?

A client looking to obtain visual content contacts Cherrydeck and explains the needs of the brand. Branding guidelines are provided and more specifications are given.

Once all the necessary information is gathered, Cherrydeck submits an opportunity and selects the best creatives for the job. All the candidates are then contacted and briefed on the client and terms.

Afterward, the client is provided with the creators’ addresses and ships the products their way. The creators are given a specific timeline to create and deliver the content required. Most of the time, the products don’t need to be returned.

Some weeks later, the client receives a custom database full of images featuring the brand’s products. They can then select and buy the ones they most like. Once more pictures are needed, they can return to their library and buy more of the images previously submitted.

What are creators saying?

1. You’ve worked on Branded Stock. Can you briefly describe the process?

Florentina Olareanu: Yes, of course. I first start by trying to understand the client’s target audience and then plan the shoot accordingly, while keeping in mind the briefing/guidelines and waiting for the package to arrive. The shoot is, of course, the most fun part, followed by editing, which is where I try to keep the colors and style consistent with the brand I’m shooting for.

Jelena Filipinski: I apply with a portfolio that fits the client and job. Once I’m chosen, I receive a guideline for the pictures and some information regarding the brand.

2. Who was the client and what was the assignment?

Florentina: Until now I shot for Edzard (twice), J Hornig, and LedLenser. For Edzard, I had to shoot interior accessories, such as hand-blown vases, candle holders with platinum rims, wine carafes, and many more. 

Jelena: For Blackroll, I shot authentic lifestyle/sport with real people in real situations. For the first shooting, there weren’t many other guidelines but for the second shooting, there was a guideline to shoot a group of people and fixed format standards. For Edzard, I shot products in authentic interior scenes.

3. Was there strict planning required from your side?

Florentina: Planning is definitely key, especially when working with natural light, but also to ensure a good return on time invested. 

Jelena: I always have a schedule, especially if there are different locations, people, and products. So everybody knows when to do what. Normally, I plan “a first setting“ for the first pictures and leave some time for other pictures in other locations (often the spontaneous pictures are the most creative and best pictures).

4. How was the overall experience?

Florentina: The overall experience was worth it – I like that I have the freedom to choose when to shoot, so it’s easy to squeeze a session in between larger productions that I do for other clients. I can also create freely and experiment – my ratio is as follows: 75% of the pictures strictly follow the briefing and the rest are images I think are also fitting to the brand, but from a very different angle (until now those were very well received).

Jelena: The better you know and „feel“ the brand and products, the better you can follow the guidelines. 

5. Would you repeat the process?

Florentina: Yes, I would repeat the process. In fact, I am currently working on another Cherrydeck project.

Jelena: Yes, I like this way of working because it gives a lot of room for creativity.

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