“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness”, said once John Steinbeck. So this week on Cherrydeck, we fully embrace the biting January with 17 worth seeing photographic interpretations of the coldest season of the year. Grab your coffee cups, warm blankets, and get yourself comfortable because winter is coming. Enjoy!
Taneli Lahtinen

Winter photography
Katarina Šikuljak

“I personally love winter because I like layers. It is cold in winter. People have on sweaters, coats, jackets, and gloves. Layers make everything better.

This photo also represents layers, only in its own earthy way, with mud, water, and mountains, making this a cozy and calm composition.”

Katarina Šikuljak

Nikolas Gogstad-Andersen

“For me, winter is frozen fingers and a heat pad budget. Despite that, I believe I’m lucky that I don’t have to travel to find winter. I get real winter for six months each year. And for me, that’s a possibility to shoot all my favorite locations from the summer twice. It also gives a whole set of new possibilities when the world around you gets completely white.

This picture represents the start of winter. The grass is not green anymore, all leaves are gone. You start to freeze and feel abandoned by the short arctic summer. The tree and the house reinforced that feeling for me.”

Nikolas Gogstad-Andersen

Mark Byrdin

“Winter for me is a time of the year when nature falls asleep and the earth becomes numb, but there is a beautiful side of it. Although it’s freezing cold, we, people, become more attached to our nearest, as we all feel the same nature pressure.

This picture represents more the border time between winter and spring. When old yellow grass changes to brand new black earth that will take care of new seeds and carry them out till next winter.”

Mark Byrdin

“Winter is my favorite season for taking pictures. Somehow it’s when the nature shows its power and we are not always in control. It can make us feel vulnerable and with a sense of longing for brighter days, that seem so far and unreal. This is a feeling we all share and it brings us together. It gives hope.”

Mariana Gil

Kasper Løftgaard

“With winter in general, I think I have a love/hate relationship. Like most people who live in Denmark. It’s extremely depressive because the days are so short. At its worst, the sun rises at 9am and sets at 3:30pm, which makes it really hard to get anything done. But on the other hand, it’s like a great excuse to just hibernate for 4 months, which I also really like.

This picture is from Greenland where my dad lives so, most of all, this image just reminds me of a very beautiful, fun, and quite odd Christmas last year.”

Kasper Løftgaard

“Winter is probably the time when I take more pictures. I love the extreme weather and the moody atmosphere that a city like New York has during the season. It’s also the time I can enjoy a cozy night in my apartment with the fireplace on.

This photo is not moody, nor an indoor cozy scene but at the contrary, it represents the spirit of the real New Yorker that even in a harsh cold winter day does not give up that fashion touch.”

Michele Palazzo

“During winter, everyone seems to be more considerate of the time spent outdoors, which doesn’t mean that it’s not fun. Winter is my favorite time of the year because as humans we are more connected to nature than in any other season. Especially tough and cold winters change our perspectives, our cities, and make us reconsider our daily routines.

Such an example is this picture (and others from the same series) taken from a snowstorm in Manhattan, New York, when everyone was sheltered inside as the city shut down for a couple of days. Probably for a rare time, walking up and down the streets and avenues wasn’t done out of the necessity of commuting, but just for fun, at an unusual slow pace.”

Konstantinos Tsamis

“Winter for me is a time for personal growth and as a photographer is a time where you have to get creative to create color in your portfolio.

This particular image represents the beauty of renaissance paintings – cold, but colorful. It belongs to my Nightmare series collection, and it indeed was actually captured in winter.”

Christina Peterson

“Winter is a transitional mode that slows down all daily business. Just like the cold makes water freeze, turns rain into snow, makes the rivers flow slower or eventually makes them stop at all, the cold makes me slow down. I take my time. I think about the past year, maybe even about the past years. I reflect, I contemplate, and from that reflection, I start to look forward into the next year and start planning. In winter I’m like Janus, the Roman God of beginnings, transitions, and endings. Janus is usually depicted as having two faces, one looking into the past and the other looking into the future. I was born in the month that was named after Janus: January. So every January one year of my life ends and another one begins.

Just like the car in the picture I’m travelling through the dark and the cold. But I do it slowly and with enjoyment for I know that soon life will pick up speed again and I’ll be longing for the stillness that winter offers to me once every year.”

Niklas Soestmeyer?

“Winter has been my favorite season of the year. As a person who grew up in the north part of Japan, I have always loved the snow in the winter and its coldness, and especially silence when going out and immerse yourself in nature.

This picture was taken in the south coast of Iceland when I was with 2 good friends of mine from the UK who happened to be visiting Iceland at the same time as me. It took us almost 2-3 hours to get this place and took even more time for us to reach the place where this photo was actually photographed. Despite the stormy day with strong winds and blizzard, we managed to see that famous Sólheimasandur plane crash and the black beach, which is not far from there. When we arrived, the wind got even stronger and it almost blew us off, but the view from the small dune was breathtaking and somehow made us feel calm. It reminded me of my old times growing up in my favorite weather in my hometown.

I feel this photo could represent the coldness, silence, and loneliness of the winter.”

Akira Hojo

“Winter represents the link between two different chapters, it concludes autumn and introduces us to spring. Thus, winter inspires me with its role as a burier of life and simultaneously a prelude to a whole new form of existence.

My direction in photography features mostly women and female fashion, all seasons generally play a role when choosing outfits and surroundings for the picture. The girls in this picture are ‘winterly’ dressed, their poses and facial expressions are frozen and the rigid look in their eyes reminds of the unfaltering power of winter. It simply gives chills.”

Emilija Staniši?

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