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Every month, Cherrydeck Editors pick a top selection of excellent professionals on Cherrydeck, and highlight outstanding photographs from our members. This month is no exception!

This edition we challenged photographers from our community to show their best works within the theme “Nostalgia”—the bittersweet feeling of thinking about past happenings and the sentimental longing attached to it. We were interested in seeing how the concept and emotion could be represented in pictures and the variety of interpretations from each participant.

Below you can find 13  picks from 13 incredible photographers.

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November 2018 Editors’ Choice (not ranked in any particular order):
Hanna Postova

Hanna Postova, also known as Anna Postovaya, is a photographer from Odessa, Ukraine. Passionate about art, fashion, and portraiture, she aims to always deliver honest and smart fine photography. With her portraits, Hanna looks to deep dive into one’s personality and show the unknown side of individuals. In fashion, her purpose is to capture not only what is beautiful but also to trigger emotions and feelings.

Karlijn Milder

Based on The Netherlands, Karlijn Milder studied Audiovisual Media and cinematography at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. She has been the director of photography on several films and has researched themes such as human identity, empathy, and natural phenomena. Her portfolio includes the award-winning short fiction film Fabiola, the video-installation Tiny Monuments, as well as the short fiction film One, no one, 100.000.

The two first photos above belong to the photo series ‘My perfect holiday (2017)’, made in collaboration with the artist’s sister, actress, and model Lotte Milder. While the other two are part of the photo series ‘The disappearance of the golden toad (2018)’, in collaboration with Studio AKATAK.

Martin van der Giesen

Martin is a photographer from Numansdorp, The Netherlands. Nostalgia is for him mirrored in places from his childhood or places that remind him of such time and which often disappear. With his work, he tries to capture their last reminders, being both something sad to see and something to hold on to.

Anastasia Ivanova

Anastasia Ivanova is a graduate from the University of the Arts London and a professional photographer born and raised in Moscow. Currently based in her hometown, she does both commercial and personal work. For Anastasia, ‘Nostalgia’ is strongly associated with Tarkovsky films, which have always been a big inspiration for her images.

Konstantinos Tsamis

Konstantinos, also known as Kostas, is an architect by training, a traveler by nature and a photographer by passion. Based in NYC, he enjoys narrating visual stories by organizing or mixing up photography series from his travels across the world under different and unique themes each time. In his pictures, he invites viewers to discover the underlying stories.

Marc Wilson

Marc Wilson is based in Bath, United Kingdom. His current work combines landscape, documentary, portrait and still life, along with audio recordings of interviews and sounds, to portray the web of stories he is retelling. The photographer works on long-term documentary projects, like the recent ‘The Last Stand’ (later published and sold out as a book) and ‘A wounded landscape’. His work has won The Terry O’Neill award in 2013 and was exhibited at The Royal Armouries Museum, Focalpoint Gallery, and The Anise Gallery, London. Additionally, he has been published at The British Journal of Photography, Raw Magazine, Wired, and Dezeen.

The images above belong to the series ‘The Last Stand’.

Christian van der Kooy, from Goes, The Netherlands, studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. The sense of place lies at the heart of his work, which consists of documentary photography, short films, and soundscapes. For the past ten years, Van der Kooy has been working on several long-term projects in Eastern Europe where he analyzes and interprets reality, then creating a new context. The artist is particularly interested in the interaction of people with their surroundings.

Grace Spencer

New York-based portrait photographer Grace Spencer places her work focus on the themes of femininity and gender and shapes its narrative through the ideas of domestic/known space and nostalgia. Grace graduated this year from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Photography and Video.

Mischa Khabarova

Moscow-based photographer Mischa Khabarova is passionate about documentary photography. She truly enjoys capturing ephemerous moments with her camera and show as many individuals as possible how beautiful our planet, people and cultures can be.

August? Tamulyt?

August? Tamulyt? is based in Vilnius, Lithuania. She started as a street photographer, but it was in restaurants’ kitchens that she found her place and passion in capturing what lies behind the scenes and what it takes to bring godly creations to the dinner table. August? finds storytelling the common aspect between the two fields and that’s the key element that she looks for when taking a picture.

Julien McRoberts

NY-based photographer Julien McRoberts has the ability to capture intimate cultural moments, places, and people without ever disturbing the scene. Her work can be defined as a glance into an elegant but rustic Southwestern home, a thousands-of-years-old Native American dance, or a heart-stopping toss of a cowboy off an ornery bull.

Julien’s portfolio ranges from revealing the decay of what were once modern desert towns to the vitality of long-standing cultural rituals. Her work has been commissioned by the National Geographic Traveler, Marie Claire, ABC News, USA Today Traveler, Sunset Magazine and many more.

Julien chose a whimsical approach to ‘Nostalgia‘. She is passionate about capturing elements from iconic eras in the US history, such as Elvis, Route 66, vintage motels and neon signs, remainings of the jazz age, art deco, and even the old ghost towns of the American West.

James Tran

James Tran is a photographer and motion designer from Sydney, Australia. In his work, he enjoys combining the two fields to create cinemagraphs: photographs with a hint of motion designed to enhance their own atmosphere, feeling, and emotion.
James has travelled to more than 30 countries and tries to reflect those experiences in his creations. In general, he considers that most of his cinemagraphs evoke a sense of nostalgia, which ends up being the core element of his work.

Ines Cela

Ines Cela is an 18-year-old Albanian photographer, currently living in Vienna, Austria. Though pursuing her studies in a different field, Arts and especially photography have always been quite an outlet for her fantasies and feelings, in a minimalistic way of life.


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