Instagram is a very hot topic. As of now, one billion accounts have been created. A large number of its users, both private and business, use the app actively (or addictively) and discuss all things Instagram-related on the daily basis.

We visited the Instagram office in Hamburg, Germany, and asked them a few (burning) questions we received from our Cherrydeck community.

1) How does the new algorithm work?

Instagram’s algorithm is undoubtedly one of the most discussed topics on the web, and we all struggle to understand how it works in real and practical terms. With the continuous surge in the popularity of the platform, it becomes crucial for professionals and brands to gather as much knowledge as possible in order to stay relevant.

It is confirmed that the chronological feed will not come back. According to Instagram, the chronological feed worked when the platform was much smaller. But now with a billion accounts and the enormous volume of content, the current algorithm is actually working in your favor. If the chronological feed was still in place, your posts reach would actually get push down very fast and, therefore, the chance of getting impressions would be much smaller, unless you posted 50 times per day!

This is the reason why the new algorithm was introduced in the first place. Instagram figured that its users were missing posts from their closest connections, thus, for Instagram, it makes much more sense to get rid of the chronological feed and focus on showing the most relevant posts for each individual.

Insights via the Instagram office in Hamburg

2) How to can I increase my reach?

According to Instagram, posting frequency still plays a big role. So even if the new algorithm has solved the problem of distributing a massive amount of content, to get more reach, the work is still on your side and you should post often. Uploading two to three times a day is recommended. This will also increase your chance of getting into the Explore feed which is the tipping point where many posts became viral. If you keep the pace and post frequently and consistently, your exposure will keep increasing and your Instagram account will grow.

Additionally, reach is also determined by the likelihood that people will be interested in your content which is evaluated based on the recency of your post and the relationship you have with the audience. The more interaction you have with someone, the more likely your posts will be shown on top of their feed and vice versa. This is why engagement matters. Step back and assess if you interact enough with your audience and if your followers are also engaging. If they’re bots or fake accounts, they’re not going to reciprocate your comments and likes. Therefore, it is important to make sure you clean up your follower list and build up relationships with real people.


3) Can I use the promotional tool without a Facebook business account? 

If you wish to promote your products or your work on Instagram you will not be able to do it without a Facebook business account. However, it does not necessarily mean that you have to have a registered business in the real world. You can set up any type of business account on Facebook and simply connect it to your Instagram profile to have access to promotions.

Nevertheless, as an artist, Instagram does not advise you to follow the promotion approach. If you have an e-commerce business this is a path you can follow, but other than that, promotions are not the way to go if you just want your work to reach more people.

4) And what else should I be paying attention to?

Instagram wants you to use the new features! Stories, Lives, IGTV. These features just recently reached 400 million daily active users, and the usage rate is growing 15 times faster than the traditional feed with no sign of slowing down. The majority of general users watches more Stories than posts, which means that you should definitely be putting in more time and effort in these features if you want to step up your Instagram game.

That’s all for now! If you want to build a more successful Instagram presence, stay tuned. We can help you grow your account efficiently along other creative professionals, and get more out of Instagram! Happy Instagramming. ?

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