Touching portraits, family projects, and storytelling series are only a small part of the work we bring to you today. In this series, we give you a sneak peek into the portfolios of 10 different (but equally talented) Cherrydeck members. Check it out!

In the Portfolio Highlights series our Editorial Team features creative images and captivating projects from a diversified range of Cherrydeck members.

Because we believe all great work should have its deserved attention, this time 10 Cherrydeck photographers were chosen to have part of their portfolios featured and spread through our creative community.


March 2020 Portfolio Highlights (not ranked in any particular order):

Inga Freitas

Inga is a portrait photographer and storyteller from Portugal, whose work fuses femininity with cinematography and fashion. A feminist at heart, she believes that every woman is worthy of a magazine cover or Vanity Fair styled portrait and tries to bring pride and comfort to each of her subjects.

Photographer Inga Freitas for Cherrydeck
Photographer Inga Freitas for Cherrydeck

Leire Unzueta

Leire is an outdoor and travel photographer based in Durango, in Spain. Having lived in both North and Latin America, she developed an interest for other cultures and different ways of living. Always connected to photography, it was just a matter of time before she started using her camera to tell stories about the places she visited.

Currently, she works for Addictive Creatives and Forester Fotógrafos, and her photographs can be found featured in Condé Nast Traveler España, LooksLikeFilm, El Hedonista, and many more.

Portfolio Highlights February
Portfolio Highlights February

Jeremy Bernard

A French photographer based in London, Jeremy Bernard works in fashion, music, and e-commerce photography. During his journey, he has attended the Beaux-Arts for five years, received a Bachelor’s degree in Art with a specialisation in Photography, and assisted various fashion photographers.

The photographer has relocated to London to work in his own right and has been collaborating with his adopted brother from Burkina-Faso showcasing his portraits in empty spaces, in the scope of a particular research.

Portfolio Highlights February
Portfolio Highlights February

Julija Goyd

Julija is a photographer and artist based in Berlin, whose work fluctuates between eroticism and studies of nature — mainly focused on water.

Her series “Water To Air” investigates water as a space by placing a beam of light and a camera underneath its surface. By entering underwater, we embrace not only a space, which is alien to our life and foreign to our survival, but also a space, which, due to its physical properties, changes the way we perceive it.

Portfolio Highlights February

Lina Geoushy

Lina is an Egyptian photographer based in London, involved in social documentary and portraiture. Her project “Breadwinners” focuses on female housekeepers who are overlooked and relegated to the fringes of Egyptian society.

Lina took a documentary and portrait approach to produce a series of portraits shedding light on and representing these female figures, while trying to educate people regarding the impact of Egyptian culture and the prevailing power of patriarchy on these women’s lives.

Breadkeepers by Lina Geoushi
Breadkeepers by Lina Geoushi

Nico Abbruzzese

Nico is an Italian photographer and filmmaker who has travelled extensively to various corners of the world and got to know a wide range of people and cultures. Based in Milan, he has worked in over 76 countries and has been focusing on creating unique brand experiences through his content.

With the project “Movement”, Nico aims to freeze the stories of former sports champions and movement artists who, forced by an injury, have abandoned their careers and taken other paths.

Portfolio Highlights February

Johannes Wienke

Johannes is based in Hamburg, Germany, and has been assisting other photographers for nearly a decade now. Passionate about capturing the right moment and crafting the perfect light, he’s also a people lover and enjoys travelling the world.

Model in photo studio by JOHANNES WIENKE
Model in photo studio by JOHANNES WIENKE

Naomi Wu

Previously a professional graphic and art designer, Naomi has been a full time fashion and portrait photographer for the past 10 years now. Having fallen in love with photography at the age of 15, she’s currently in Paris bringing her dreams to life in a highly competitive environment.

Photography allows her to expose her inner sense of quietness, romanticism, and mystery.

Girl holding cup: portrait by Naomi Wu
Naomi Wu David Bowie for Vogue Italia

Gustavo Arzich da Gama

Gustavo is a Portuguese architect and professional photographer, born, raised and based in Porto, in Portugal. His interest for photography begun at the Faculty of Architecture, as a way of expressing architectural concepts.

Some of his clients include Renault, Vodafone, Graham’s Porto, IBECAP, Airbnb, among others. He’s known to be a fun and creative person to work with.

Gustavo-A-da-Gama architecture photography minimal building

Tora Alexandersen

Tora is based in Brighton and enjoys exploring new places to get her creative juices flowing. Originally from Lofoten, in Norway, she still can’t let go of her love for the midnight sun’s magic or the Northern lights. Photography and hiking are two of her biggest passions.

Tora Alexandersen male fashion photography
Tora Alexandersen male fashion photography

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