Client: JIMBAG

Project: Capture JIMBAG’s product in Milan

Worked with: Consuelo Canducci

The assignment

Following the success of JIMBAG’s campaign shot in Tokyo, the company wanted to capture the product in the vibrant Italian city, Milan.

The process

JIMBAG collaborated with Cherrydeck to find a photographer in Milan. After receiving a series of applications, the brand decided to work with Consuelo Canducci.

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Consuelo Canducci for JIMBAG in Milan
Consuelo Canducci for JIMBAG Milan
Consuelo Canducci for JIMBAG Milan

The production

Consuelo was required to photograph the product in the lively city of Milan and was free to choose the location and model.

The photographer focused on a day story in the central part of the city and aimed to showcase a cosmopolitan girl who enjoys the busy atmosphere of the town.

The shooting lasted a little more than one morning, as everything was thoroughly organized.


According to the brand, Cherrydeck makes it easier and uncomplicated for businesses like them to find the right people anywhere in the world, allowing a simple and cost-effective way to put together international campaigns.

For Consuelo, this was a great way to get in touch with an international client and work for a different brand:

The experience was great! Cherrydeck was absolutely efficient and allows us, photographers, to collaborate with foreign companies very easily! I hope this is the beginning of a series of interesting works.

Consuelo Canducci
Consuelo Canducci for JIMBAG Milan
Consuelo Canducci for JIMBAG Cherrydeck

Consuelo Canducci is a photographer based in Milano, Italy, who started originally with artistic photography and only then moved to fashion, portrait, and lifestyle. Even though she finds herself shooting in a different environment today, she keeps the same artistic approach to her work, filling it with sensitivity, depth, and originality. 

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