Riveting projects and a creative eye to see the unseen is what sets professionals apart from amateurs. Today, we highlight 8 Cherrydeck members who shared with us their works and outstanding talent.

In the Portfolio Highlights series our Editorial Team features stunning photographs and diversified projects from noteworthy Cherrydeck members.

This month, we showcase eye-catching images from 8 photography talents coming from all over the world. From mythical creatures to colourful body compositions, there is something for every taste.

January 2020 Portfolio Highlights (not ranked in any particular order):

Renato Balla

Renato is an Albanian filmmaker and photographer currently working in Italy. This photograph is a part of a project based on his grandmother’s stories about a mythical and mysterious creature.

Marina Geckeler

Marina is a young lifestyle and fashion photographer as well as a graphic designer based in Munich, Germany. The image below is part of the series ”Off the Tartar” shot for PICTON Magazine.

Katarina Markovi

Katarina is a fashion and beauty photographer as well as art director based in Belgrade, Serbia. This photograph belongs to the series ”Body Postcards”, which was also exhibited at Kuca Djure Jaksica, in Serbia.

Katarina Markovi?
Katarina Markovi?

Geert De Taeye

Geert De Taeye is a creative and multifaceted photographer based in Brussels, working on different projects ranging from ad campaigns to movie-inspired photographs. This image is a part of the series ”Clarity of Thought”.

Andrea Marchese

Andrea is a visual artist who works between Sicily and other parts of Europe. The picture below is a part of his series “Attempt to Photography Transcendence”.

Chiara Bonetti

Chiara is a photographer currently based in Berlin, but often shuttling to Italy for work. This artistic capture is a part of her series ”Imaginary Love”.

Stefan Groenewoud

Stefan is a photographer by hobby and a full-time game artist. Based in Amsterdam, he enjoys travelling and adventure photography. This image is part of the series shot in Iceland.

Til Wagner

Til is a freelance photographer based in Hamburg, who focuses on lifestyle, people and sports photography. This photograph belongs to the ”Urban Running” project.

Til Wagner
Til Wagner

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