Max Tolsdorff is the Head of Marketing at Polestar Germany, a company partially owned by Volvo and Geely which is dedicated to manufacturing performance electric cars.

Today, we talked with Max about his collaboration with Cherrydeck to achieve a localised marketing approach, without compromising the brand’s design language.

Back in November, Polestar and Cherrydeck launched a photography competition that gave photographers the opportunity to be one of the first ever to drive the Polestar 1 in Germany.

The goal was to reach local talents to produce content featuring the recently-launched car in the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf, and Cologne.

In exchange, the photographers could drive the car for two days and compete for bigger prizes. The winners not only got added to the brand’s pool of contacts for future campaigns, but also earned €4.000 for the photography buyouts and a chance to run an exhibition in a Polestar showroom with press and local content aficionados.

While the final arrangements are being settled and the content production is just about to kick-start, we had a chat with Max Tolsdorff to understand the idea behind the collaboration.

[visit this page for more details on the competition]

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About Polestar

Polestar is a new electric performance brand in the electric automotive business, which aims to compete directly with performance models such as the Tesla 3. Launching only in seven markets at first, Germany is one of the most relevant and the one Max is responsible for.

The Polestar 1 was the first car brought by the brand into the market and the star of our photography competition.

Why Cherrydeck?

According to Max, Cherrydeck spoke the same strong art and design language as Polestar, which made the partnership a great fit from the start. The platform allowed him to adopt a very local marketing approach, meaning he was able to easily reach artists who know the target regions and cities best and better understand the culture and visual language of those places.

Using Cherrydeck, the Marketing Team got in touch with people who fit both the areas of interest and the Polestar brand, and has now the chance to keep working and growing with them throughout time, so that all the future campaigns and marketing efforts share a similar narrative and style.

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Cherrydeck and Polestar Competition - Polestar 1
Polestar 1

In addition, as the brand showrooms position themselves as places of contemplation in an almost art gallery manner, it was also a win-win for Polestar to be able to activate the creative community from the start. Pushing the brand and the cities’ local talents through branded vernissages and other type of creative events can be a great advantage and is definitely one of the future goals for the marketing manager.

We’ve received a lot of applications. We’re very happy with the submissions and we’re really looking forward to working with all of the participants for this campaign and then potentially for future campaigns as well as vernissages in the spaces.

Max Tolsdorff, Head of Marketing at Polestar Germany

To see all the details of the competition, have a look at our blog post, here. For an overview of the selected photographers, head over to this link.

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