Client: Montblanc

Project: Document an exclusive event in Hamburg

Worked with: Christian Bendel

The assignment

Montblanc was looking for a photographer who could document their exclusive event at their store in Hamburg, Germany.

The assignment was to capture an after-work event in the client’s Hamburg store. Montblanc invited a calligraphy artist from Berlin who did live lettering on the windows and some of the brand’s products.

A number of customers were also invited for an after-work drink and to join the live art session, while having the chance to view new products and to meet the artist in the usual “meet and greet”.

The process

In order to find the best creative for the job, Montblanc collaborated with Cherrydeck. By opening a job opportunity they allowed interested photographers to apply.

After they had received all the applications, Montblanc filtered through to find the best one.

Christian Bendel was the photographer chosen to capture the event.

The production

Christian was contacted to document the days surrounding the event. First via mail to check the first important details, as availability and general ideas for the happening, and afterwards via phone for further information and more specific details.

The duration of the assignment spanned between 6 to 7 hours. The production was simple and the set-up of the shooting uncomplicated:

First of all, a cross-section out of my portfolio that fitted the client needs and expectations was necessary. After the job was fixed, it required the necessary equipment, a cost estimate, and planning for the shooting day.

Besides my general knowledge, it was required the best implementation of catching spontaneous moments, and getting in touch with the artist and customers while avoiding being too present at the same time.


Christian credits the experience as being positive, crediting that he would work with Montblanc again in the future.

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Christian Bendel is a 36-year-old freelance photographer living in Hamburg. His start in photography came through his dad. In his early childhood, he was the one who inspired him to take pictures, although just for a hobby at the time. After some years, Christian decided to stop his current path and follow what his dad unknowingly initiated two decades ago.

Christian is also an outdoor lover and traveler, always curious about adventures all around the world. Being outside in nature grounds him and lets him experience time and space differently.

If you wish to see more of Christian’s work, visit his Cherrydeck profile or his website here.

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