Labeled as “One to Watch” by the British Journal of Photography, this time the photographer Harry Cooke got inspired in the Universe to compose his photographic project.

The 24-year-old photographer based in the South West of England is known to blending technical skill with creativity and mixing romantic colours with soft lighting, composing dreamlike images filled with tender nostalgia.

“Orion Arm” is no exception. Making use of different lighting set ups to try to capture the different senses of light that one would find throughout the Orion Arm, the series depicts the eight planets and the sun that compose our minor spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy in a dreamy and delicate way.

Harry Cooke Orion Arm

The final images show a sense of ethereal colour, light, and shape and when placed in their respective order — from the Sun to Neptune — the viewer should get a sense of the Solar System.

Harry Cooke and his team collaborated with street cast models to achieve a sense of realness and down-to-earth authenticity. Each model got to choose the planet they wanted to represent, and would then get the corresponding hair and makeup.

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Harry Cooke is a UK-based photographer who graduated in 2017 from The Arts University Bournemouth. Featured in Schön! Magazine and dubbed as “One to Watch” by the British Journal of Photography, he’s a promising talent in the fields of fashion, portraiture, and fine art.

To see more of his work, have a look at his Cherrydeck profile or at his website, here. ?

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