Stress and anxiety are present in our lives today as never before, and learning how to stop and just breathe is something we seem to need to re-learn.

Today, we bring you a collection of calming images that will help you press that pause button with more ease.

Because we all should stop and just relax every now and then, here’s a series of soulful calming pictures from amazing Cherrydeck members to help out on that process. From serene moments, to still-water oceans, and clear sky shots, these are 12 images that will renew your inner energy and make for a more pleasant day.


Adrian Humada sea paddle water mountain paradise calming image
Adrian Humada | Barcelona, Spain
Florian Selig Fog Tree Man
Florian Selig | Berlin, Germany
James Tran canoe water sunset calming images
James Tran | Sydney, Australia
Jordi Sark water cave mountain travel calming image
Jordi Sark | Barcelona, Spain
Julia Nimke Photographer Calming Image Mountain
Julia Nimke | Berlin, Germany
Mariana Prados sun light grass countryside mountain
Mariana Prados | Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Max Beutler horse calming image
Max Beutler | Berlin, Germany
Alexander Shevchenko sand beach dunes calming images
Alexander Shevchenko | ??????, Russia
Christian Aran sky sunset guy mountain calming image
Christian Aran | Barcelona, Spain
Anna Shvets white ice snow cover wind calming images
Anna Shvets | ??????, Russia
Victoria Garcia martinez beach thailand girl walking sand
Victoria Garcia Martinez | Berlin, Germany
Fabian Tegeler eagel flying sky countryside calming image girls
Fabian Tegeler | Berlin, Germany

For more on relaxation and mindfulness, have a look at “Entities” by our member Gabriel Isak or the calming series of images belonging to “The Subtlety of Unquietness” by Margarida Reis Pereira. ?

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