After a connection through Cherrydeck, the photographer Ellen Claes went on assignment for the New York Times. The outcome of their collaboration is now available online. 

Earlier this year, the Belgium photographer Ellen Claes was approached via Cherrydeck by the photography editor of the New York Times.

Ellen Claes

The assignment concerned a particular Antwerpian real estate in a prestigious district close to Antwerp’s city centre. Alongside Ellen’s beautiful airy exterior and interior shots, the NYT freelance writer Roxana Popescu (@roxanapopescu) highlights the qualities of the four-story property and uncovers all aspects of house hunting in the region.

Ellen Claes for The New York Times (2019)

Ellen was required to photograph the exterior of the house, vignettes, interiors — mostly in overall room shots, and the surroundings — so that viewers have a sense of the life in the upscale neighbourhood of Markgrave. No edit was allowed, except colour and perspective corrections.

The contact process was easy, Phaedra sent me some e-mails and I could contact the real estate agent directly to make an appointment. The assignment lasted a day, basic edit included.

Ellen Claes

The interior of the house is particularly impressive when captured from a central perspective, which virtually prolongs the vanishing point from side to side of the building, thanks to its structural features.
The built-in furnishing complements and the overall warmth denote a very careful selection and use of the materials, such as Belgian bluestone, oak wood and black marble.

The overall experience was very special. It was nice to be able to work for an international client. To see what is possible thanks to internet and an internet platform as Cherrydeck.

Ellen Claes

Ellen is a Belgium-based photographer specialised in architecture, interior, and product photography. Her work can be found in publications such as A+U, Elle Belgique, INTERNI, and many more.

To read the complete article visit the the online edition of the New York Times.
To see more of Ellen’s work you can check out her Cherrydeck Profile, her website or her Instagram profile, here.

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