This week we celebrate some of the recently arrived Cherrydeck members within the model industry. Below you will find nothing but talented people doing outstanding work in the fashion field. Enjoy!

Some time ago we announced models on Cherrydeck. Since both photographers and models struggle to find each other, we wanted to provide a space where they would be able to easily search for one another and collaborate.

As more people join our platform, we are excited to see we keep getting closer to our goal and it’s thrilling to discover all the new faces who have now become Cherrydeck members. To celebrate, we gathered 15 new talents from all over the world that you should definitely watch out for.

If you know someone who should be part of this list, tell them about us through the unique link in your profile. Happy scrolling!

Luis Ndong | Madrid, Spain

Anastasia Puzyrnaya | Moscow, Russia

Iva Litova | London, UK

Roberta Stanionyte | London, UK

Diogo Fraga | Lisbon, Portugal

Anya Nunkoo | London, UK
Yannick Geudens | Ghent, Belgium

Alexandra Faka | Milan, Italy

Lee McLaughlin | London, UK

Oriana Gordon | Berlin, Germany

Violeta De Agua Selfa | Barcelona, Spain

Matthew Paul | Vilnius, Lithuania

Sunniva Lia | Oslo, Norway

Sebastiano Kiniger | Rome, Italy

Cherrydeck gathers in one place both agency and signed and selected lifestyle models using Instagram. To see more registered members, visit our homepage or try out the model search, here. If you know someone who would be a great fit, tell them about us! ?

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